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January 1, 2012

Vegas Strip

Tour the Strip, Fight a Friend

A single FBO offers all this: aerial tours of the Grand Canyon; a chance to shoot down an aerial foe in mock combat using world-class Extra 330LT aerobatic aircraft; a flight school; and aircraft maintenance. View the video for more excitement than a casino.

Air Mobile

Air Mobile Joe

When the TV show Extreme Makeover chose missionary Joe Hurston for a new home, its producers also decided to upgrade the Cessna 337 Skymaster Hurston uses to deliver water purifying equipment and other critical supplies throughout the Caribbean. Watch the video to see the airplane, which looks sharp with a new interior and paint job.


Serious Fun

Swearingen’s SX300 Experimental hot rod can fly high or low and cover long distances with exceptional speed and efficiency. Author Rick Durden became enamored with the four-seat, 300-horsepower bullet during a series of flights that included long-range IFR and local yanking and banking. A slideshow of photography shows the beauty of this aircraft.

Favorite AOPA Pilot cover of 2011

Favorite Cover of 2011

See our readers’ top choice for favorite AOPA Pilot magazine cover of 2011—and prepare to be as surprised by the results as the AOPA staff. (Hint: A Bonanza over Greenland’s Disko Bay didn’t make the cut, and neither did our 2011 Sweepstakes “Crossover Classic” Cessna 182.) See all of our 2011 covers in this slideshow. Which would you have chosen?

AOPA iPad app

At Your Fingertips

Now there’s an app for the digital edition of AOPA Pilot magazine made especially for the iPad and iPod. If you’re among the legions of pilots who consider an iPad essential equipment, you won’t want to miss this. Editor in Chief Tom Haines explains all of the unique features in this video.