Kalispell Council sets hearing on airport master plan

Pilots urged to show support

May 2, 2012

Since 1929, the Kalispell (Mont.) City Airport has been a resource for pilots, a fixture in the community, and a regional economic asset. On May 7, pilots can show their support for the facility by participating in a city council public hearing on updating the airport master plan.

The city council is scheduled to vote on accepting the master plan update May 21, culminating a process initiated when the city accepted an FAA planning grant for the study in July 2010.

“The preparation of this master plan update is evidence that the City of Kalispell recognizes the importance of air transportation to the community and the associated challenges inherent in providing for its unique operating and improvement needs,” says the master plan’s introduction. “The cost of maintaining an airport is an investment which yields impressive benefits to the community and the region.”

Kalispell’s AOPA Airport Support Network volunteer Scott Richardson urged pilots to attend the hearing and show their support for the airport’s continued development—a vision of which is outlined in the master plan’s recommended development alternative.

“This airport is very important to our area both in terms of the resource it provides our local and transient pilot community, but it also has a significant economic impact to the south side of Kalispell,” he said. “Kalispell airport is one of those quaint beautiful airports for which Montana is known so well, and it is one of the few that is within walking distance of many of our local eateries and hotels.”

Richardson cautioned pilots not to take the future for granted. In 2010, when a community faction questioned the airport’s role, AOPA sought and received assurances from city officials that their support for the facility—and its present location—remained strong.

“I believe it to be in our best interest to show the city council how important the airport is, how often you use it, and that your visits support our community,” Richardson said, appealing for pilots’ support. Pilots can send Richardson an email for more information.

The public hearing will take place at 7 p.m. on May 7 at Kalispell City Hall. Pilots may also email comments to the Kalispell City Council.

Dan Namowitz

Dan Namowitz | Aviation Writer

Dan Namowitz is an aviation writer and flight instructor.