SeaRey approved as a light sport aircraft

November 26, 2012


The number of approved special light sport aircraft is now 129, although seven on that list are no longer in production. You’ll have to make do with 122 factory-built light sport aircraft to choose from, including the latest, the SeaRey by Progressive Aerodyne of Tavares, Fla., the city that is living up to its reputation as The Seaplane City. (Find out more about Tavares in “ Thunder on the Water” in the March 2011 AOPA Pilot.)

The company moved there from Orlando. The FAA conducted a prototype audit of the two-place amphibious aircraft and awarded an airworthiness certificate from the FAA Orlando office on Nov. 8. The high-wing, pusher SeaRey has been offered as a kit for 20 years. It will now be available as a factory-built LSA.

The company says it has a backlog of orders and hopes to make the first delivery early in 2013.