Electroair ignition system approved for Continental, Lycoming

October 12, 2012


Electroair on Oct. 12 received FAA approval for its four-cylinder Continental electronic ignition system to be installed on the Cessna 120, 140, and 150; American Champion 11, Diamond DA20, and Piper Cubs (O-200/IO-240 engines). In addition, it also has approval for its four-cylinder Lycoming version.

The systems offer a 10- to 15-percent gain in fuel efficiency, smoother engine operation, improved high-altitude performance, and reduced sparkplug fouling among other benefits, a company spokesman said. During a test flight in a Cessna 150, the company said that the aircraft burned 4.2 to 4.4 gph in the traffic pattern (leaning in the pattern). The four-cylinder system sells for $3,400.

Electroair also said it hopes to receive FAA approval on a six-cylinder version for normally aspirated Lycoming and Continental engines in the next four to six months. It will retail for $5,500.

By November, the company plans to be added to the Piper Seminole, Twin Comanche, and Apache approved model lists.