Visual Approach

Lost Star

September 1, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

“Air-to-air photography is as much about the landscape as it is the aircraft, so it’s always a pleasure when the Rocky Mountains come up as a location for an assignment. For this 2003 photo mission on mountain flying, I was fortunate to land the talents of Diamond West Coast distributor Jeff Puckett, to pilot a new Diamond C1. We departed out of Denver’s Centennial Airport for a round trip to South Park Basin (yes, that South Park), and the grand vistas offered on the flight were as expected—really grand. But it was on the return leg of the trip that we came across what makes mountain missions so enjoyable—the nooks and crannies of the foothills. This backdrop provided the juxtaposition of the rugged, if slightly ominous, cliffs and dark canyons wrapped around the sleek Diamond design, creating such a dynamic image.” —Mike Fizer

Subject: Diamond C1

Where: South Park Basin, Colorado

Photographer: Mike Fizer