Buying an aircraft: ‘As is’ can cause a lot of pain

April 28, 2013


Kathy Yodice

Kathy Yodice

  • Attorney, Counsel to AOPA 
  • Former FAA attorney 
  • Has assisted AOPA members for more than 13 years 
  • Pilot since 1994, owns a Cherokee 180 

In aviation, we see many terms. One that I find can often be misunderstood or subject to interpretation and debate is the term “as is,” and it is a term commonly used in aviation sales and lease transactions, whether it’s an airplane, an instrument, or a hangar. In our legal practice, we find that it is almost always after the fact that the import of the term is truly understood by the parties. Therefore, it is important to understand what the term may mean to you before signing on the bottom line.

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