Five ways to not get cancer

August 12, 2013


Jonathan Sackier
Jonathan Sackier

  • Surgeon, Clinical Professor 
  • 30 years of healthcare experience 
  • Author of the “Fly Well” column in AOPA PILOT 
  • Flying since 15 years old, owns a Columbia 400 

The "big C." Cancer, named for the crab-like appearance of its perfidious growth, its claws snipping away at healthy tissue. Many associate it with catastrophe. The final curtain. One word striking fear into the hearts of people the world over. Over the past few decades great strides have been made in finding ever more successful treatments for many types of malignant disease, but Ben Franklin's weighty quotation "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is bang on target. So let's look at five ways to not get cancer.

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Jonathan Sackier