2013 through the eyes of AOPA’s photographers

December 30, 2013

Whether early morning or late evening, sweltering heat or frigid temperatures, AOPA photographers Mike Fizer and Chris Rose do whatever it takes to snap the perfect shot. Fizer and Rose share their favorite photos from shoots in 2013.

Cruisin' Cirrus

3. This was shot during a Cirrus shoot in Alaska. We rounded a corner that opened into a bay, and here was this huge cruise ship. It was just being in the right place at the right time…with a camera. Photo by Chris Rose.

Looming fog

The Gulfstream G280's landing lights cut through the looming Savannah, Ga., fog. Photo by Mike Fizer.

A winged friend

9. A fellow at the lodge we were sating at was cleaning some freshly-caught salmon, and tossed the carcass in the water near the dock. I made this photo two seconds before lunchtime for this eagle. By Chris Rose.

Rugged airplane, rugged country

The Cessna 180 is a stalwart aircraft built to match the rugged backcountry strips owners love to visit. Photo by Mike Fizer.

Drama and danger

5. Even though this was a Coast Guard training exercise in Oregon, I felt that this shot captured the drama and danger of a cold-water, open-ocean helicopter rescue. Photo by Chris Rose.

Fluid Albatross

The seemingly fluid Albatross graces the sky, and if needed, the water off the coast of Los Angeles. Photo by Mike Fizer.

Flying with Greg Koontz

4. I like the light on this one…and it was a really cool airplane being flown for the shoot by Greg Koontz, who was awesome. Photo by Chris Rose.

Classic MiG-15

The classic MiG-15 camouflage scheme offers a nice contrast to equally classic Santa Fe sunset. Photo by Mike Fizer.

Beautiful Beaver

6. It's a beautiful Beaver on floats flying the Florida coast in great light…'nuff said. Photo by Chris Rose.

Legend Cub

The Legend Cub is right at home on a grass strip with the soft light of a Texas sunset. Photo by Mike Fizer.

Marshy reflection

2. This was shot over a lake near Sebring, Fla. The shot of the aircraft is pretty straight forward, but the marshy background and the reflection of the sky in the water makes it. Photo by Chris Rose.

Mustang lines

The Cessna Mustang has wonderful lines, though it is interesting to see them broken by the gear in transition. Photo by Mike Fizer.

Classic aircraft

7. I like this shot because of its simplicity. It was shot backlit against a dull, overcast high ceiling. The effect almost makes it look like it was shot in a studio and allows the viewer to appreciate the line of this classic aircraft. Photo by Chris Rose.

Ominous background

The backlit clouds offer an ominous background for the all-weather diesel Diamond DA-42 VI. Photo by Mike Fizer.

Shooting Texas in Maryland

1. A hot summer day and a hay field near AOPA's headquarters served as a stand in for Texas as part of this shoot for AOPA Aviation Summit 2013. “AOPA Pilot” Senior Editor Dave Hirschman even stepped in as my official "dust thrower" for authenticity. I like the colors and the mood of the shot. Photo by Chris Rose.

Legendary sunsets

The New Mexico sunsets are legendary, and on this evening with the Cirrus G5, we weren't disappointed. Photo by Mike Fizer.

Impressive Aerostar

Ted Smith's dartish Aerostar is even more impressive with a couple of Pratts hanging off the wings. Photo by Mike Fizer.

Whale breach

8. This whale breached the water about 25 feet from our boat (I cropped out my fishing rod in the foreground). It was amazing, and the first humpback whale I'd ever seen. It's hard to understand just how massive these creatures are, but that bit of nose popping out of the water is the size of a Volkswagon. Photo by Chris Rose.