Visual Approach

Cloud contrast

February 1, 2013

visual approach

“Severe clear” is a phrase we’re all familiar with, but not one a photographer hopes for on a photo mission. A bald blue sky may be great for flying, but for photography, it’s rather boring. A photographer always hopes for clouds to break up a monotonous background. Senior Photographer Mike Fizer got what he wished for in 2008 as AOPA Editor at Large Tom Horne and EADS Socata pilot Wayman Luy flew this TBM 850 off the coast of Florida for an update on the 850’s new Garmin G1000 installation. The Atlantic Ocean at sunset makes for an interesting enough background, Fizer says, but the clouds that evening introduced a nice contrast to the water. There’s the added bonus of reflections of the clouds in the fuselage of the aircraft, adding highlights to the usual mundane shadows. “We shooters love a little weather for our missions,” Fizer says. “Just don’t give us too much.”

Subject: EADS Socata TBM 850
Where: East Coast of Florida
Photographer: Mike Fizer