Foreflight improves iPhone interface

February 4, 2013

Foreflight recently released version 4.8, and among the many changes is an improved user interface for the application’s iPhone version.

According to Foreflight CEO Tyson Weihs, the new iPhone interface “reflects a more modern user interface style which improves the ability for pilots to switch between different views and see weather information at a glance.” Subscribers who typically use Foreflight on the iPad can also access it via iPhone for free.

The other update that will apply to most general aviation users is background chart downloading. This means that once a user begins downloading a chart in the application, the chart will continue downloading, even after leaving Foreflight.

Although most users won’t use the final update in version 4.8, it could bring big things for the developer. Military Flight Information Publications (or D-FLIP) are now available. Any user with digital access to D-FLIP can get them through the application for no additional cost.

Ian J. Twombly

Ian J. Twombly | "Flight Training" Editor

AOPA Pilot and Flight Training Editor Ian J. Twombly joined AOPA in 2003 and is an instrument flight instructor.

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