Visual Approach

Glacier snow

January 1, 2013

glacier snow

Alaska pilot Udo Cassee explores the Chugach Mountain range in his ski-equipped Cessna 170 on a late January day. This landing was made at about 5,000 feet msl on the upper section of Eagle Glacier, about 40 miles west of Anchorage. With more than 600 inches of annual snowfall, the Chugach Mountains provide excellent ski flying and glacier landing opportunities for pilots in the area­—providing they land outside of the Chugach State Park boundary. Photographer Dan Bailey shot this with a Nikon D300 camera with an 80-200mm f/2.8 lens. “After scouting the terrain for possible slopes and waiting for longer spring days, we went back a couple of months later with our skis and spent the afternoon making powder turns on perfect glacier snow,” he says.

Subject: Ski-equipped Cessna 170
Where: Chugach Mountain Range, Alaska
Photographer: Dan Bailey