Visual Approach

Mexican sunset

July 1, 2013

Beechcraft Bonanza A36

Pilot Skip Gibbs regularly uses his Bonanza A36 to bring medical volunteers and supplies to remote areas of Mexico. Just before sunset, Gibbs was flying to the historic city of El Fuerte in the state of Sinaloa where LIGA International Flying Doctors of Mercy has been doing good works since 1934. The organization has a medical clinic in El Fuerte and brings medical technicians and surgeons there to treat ailments ranging from clubfeet to cataracts. Volunteer pilots like Gibbs bring the specialists to El Fuerte and beyond, and Gibbs’ Continental IO-550-powered A36 is an ideal airplane for the job because of its speed, range, payload, and ability to fly to and from unimproved airstrips.

Subject: Beechcraft Bonanza A36
Where: Sinaloa, Mexico
Photographer: Chris Rose