Visual Approach

Southwest Waco

June 1, 2013

Waco YMF-5D

Shiprock was visible from more than 30 miles away as Dave Hirschman and Chris Rose flew toward it from the southeast on a cool and crisp autumn morning. A Cessna 180 served as photo platform, and the Waco was on its way from AOPA headquarters in Maryland to Long Beach, California, for AOPA Summit 2010. “As we circled the towering landmark, strong winds aloft jostled our airplanes each time we moved to the downwind side, but the desert air was mostly smooth and unbelievably clear,” recalls Hirschman. “From here, we continued north to Moab, Utah, then followed the Colorado River through the Four Corners, and then on to Southern California. The combination of the curvaceous, vintage biplane with the stark, timeless, high-desert vistas created some of the most photogenic moments of an unforgettable cross-country adventure.”

Subject: Waco YMF-5D
Where: Shiprock, New Mexico
Photographer: Chris Rose