Sweeps Debonair paint scheme options

June 18, 2013

You’ve been asking…and we’ve been listening! And now, it’s that time again—time to look over some of the Debonair Sweepstakes paint scheme designs. As usual, Craig Barnett of Scheme Designers, a long-time participant in AOPA's sweepstakes restoration projects, came up with a wide range of paint schemes. Off hand, I’d say at least 200 different schemes.

Some schemes were too wacky, at least in our opinion. Others sported shocking displays of color. Some just made us scratch our collective heads. We were looking for a modern interpretation of a retro look inspired by the early 1960s. Something that would draw attention without assaulting the senses, something that would evoke the Debonair paint schemes of the day without appearing dated.

What we got was, well, take a look at the representative schemes. Now we want to know what you think. To each his own! Place your vote and see what design others picked with our poll.

Paint scheme finalist No. 1

Sweepstakes Debonair finalist 1

Paint scheme finalist No. 2

Sweepstakes Debonair finalist 2

Paint scheme finalist No. 3

Sweepstakes Debonair finalist 3

Paint scheme finalist No. 4

Sweepstakes Debonair finalist 4

Paint scheme finalist No. 5

Sweepstakes Debonair finalist 5

Paint scheme finalist No. 6

Sweepstakes Debonair finalist 6

Paint scheme finalist No. 7

Sweepstakes Debonair finalist 7

Paint scheme finalist No. 8

Sweepstakes Debonair finalist 8

Thomas A. Horne

Thomas A. Horne | AOPA Pilot Editor at Large, AOPA

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