Logging time: What do I have to record?

March 11, 2013


Kathy Yodice

Kathy Yodice

  • Attorney, Counsel to AOPA 
  • Former FAA attorney 
  • Has assisted AOPA members for more than 13 years 
  • Pilot since 1994, owns a Cherokee 180 

Someone asked me the other day about choosing a logbook. I looked around for the types of logbooks that were available and quickly became overwhelmed with the possibilities. There are logbooks with hard covers and with soft covers, pocket-size and notebook size, custom-made, every color imaginable, the bare minimum of columns and too many columns, pre-printed endorsements, and on and on the choices go. These choices are largely a matter of preference. The most important part of the logbook is the inside and your ability to log the information required by the regulations properly as well as to capture any original signatures that may be necessary. It prompted me to go back and refresh my knowledge of what exactly I must have in a logbook and what might otherwise be considered optional.

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