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AOPA member services that keep you flying

October 1, 2004

Life membership benefits everyone

The AOPA Life Member Program is offered exclusively by the AOPA Air Safety Foundation. By making a gift of $2,500 to the AOPA Air Safety Foundation, exclusive benefits include:

  • A $2,000 charitable tax deduction
  • AOPA Life Membership — your AOPA membership dues will be waived for life
  • Life Member certificate, lapel pin, and special identification card

By becoming an AOPA Life Member, you will help keep pilots safe and general aviation strong. To find out more about this program, call us at 800/955-9115 or visit us online ( and click on You Can Help.

FAA enforcement actions are on the rise

Legal claims for airspace incursions have increased more than 150 percent — all requiring legal counsel. That's why pilots are enrolling in the AOPA Legal Services Plan for affordable, dependable legal protection when they unwittingly violate FAA rules.

The AOPA Legal Services Plan provides protection in a variety of situations in which one might need legal support. This includes unlimited consultation on most aviation matters covered by the plan, annual review of key aviation documents, and one free half-hour consultation with an AOPA Legal Services Plan panel attorney regarding aviation-related matters not otherwise covered.

Enroll in AOPA's Legal Services Plan before you need it. Sign up today online ( or call 800/USA-AOPA (872-2672.)

AOPA Sweepstakes

Winners say thanks

Each month some 190 members receive monthly giveaways in the Win-A-Twin Sweepstakes program. Especially excited are those members fortunate enough to win the AOPA leather jacket from Sporty's.

"I was really surprised to receive a letter from AOPA stating that I had won a leather jacket. It looks and fits great. Having recently been grounded because of restrictions to my medical, a gift like this is especially meaningful. I will be proud to wear the jacket with the AOPA logo on it."

Jerry Jacobs AOPA 3631053
Tyler, Texas

"Thank you AOPA and Sporty's for the exquisite flight jacket. It feels great, looks good, and I love it! Who ever came up with the idea of the monthly giveaways in addition to the grand prize is an absolute genius. I joined AOPA about a year after earning my pilot's certificate in 1983. The timeliness of the magazine articles, usefulness of the resources, and safeguarding of our flying privileges (and airports) has always made my membership dues worth every penny. The electronic services, ( ePilot, online airport directory, and other databases) have been go-to tools on numerous occasions (at work as well as at home). Thank you again for the jacket. (I still can't believe I won!) And thank you association staff and members, for creating such a fine organization."

Paul L. Jira AOPA 863336
Cleveland, Ohio

Learn more about the Win-A-Twin Sweepstakes winners by visiting AOPA Online (