AOPA offers family flying tips

May 28, 2013

With warmer weather moving in, it is the perfect time to take a family trip. Some tips from AOPA’s Pilot Information Center (PIC) will help make it safe and enjoyable for everyone.

To prepare young children for the trip, show them around the aircraft and let them climb in and hold the controls. Next, start with a short trip with shallow climbs, turns, and descents, and then show them your house from the air, or other familiar landmarks. And make sure they have adequate ear protection.

Many adult passengers have not been in a general aviation aircraft, so here are some tips to help ease their stress. Along with the required preflight briefing, explain what will happen, from the time the engine starts onward. Note that the flashing lights and perhaps a horn are a normal part of the flight. More tips on flying with family can be found in the Pilot Information Center’s Flying with Family subject report.

Benét Wilson

Benét J. Wilson | AOPA eNewsletter and Social Media Editor

AOPA eNewsletter and Social Media Editor Benét J. Wilson joined AOPA in 2011. She is working on her private pilot certificate.

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