Collateral damage: Part 1

December 3, 2013

Gary Crump

Gary Crump

  • Director, AOPA Medical Certification Services 
  • 25 years assisting AOPA members 
  • Former operating room technician and Emergency Medical Technician 
  • Pilot since 1973

Very few people who occupy space in the U.S. have escaped some type of effect from the 16-day partial government shutdown. In our little corner of life that orbits around pilot medical certification, the damage inflicted by the shutdown just added insult to injury at the end of a year that has seen some of the longest delays in medical certification process that we have seen in quite a while. 

Understanding the bureaucratic process and “inside the beltway logic” can almost make one’s brain explode, but I am going to devote my next couple of columns to explaining some of the basics of the process of how the FAA does medical certification. We’ll focus not so much from the medicine side but from the “how they make the sausage” side, and then get into some specific events that have happened that resulted in consequences down the road.

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Gary Crump