Time to file a NASA report

December 3, 2013



Talbot Martin

  • Associate and CFI at Yodice Associates, and regularly counsels members of AOPA’s Legal Services Plan on a variety of issues including FAA enforcement aircraft accidents.

The Aviation Safety Reporting System is a voluntary safety reporting program that allows airmen to make anonymous reports to the government about issues encountered in aviation, with anonymity allowing the airman to be candid—even when their actions may have been a violation of the regulations. This is commonly referred to as filing a “NASA report.”  The reason for this short-handed title is simply because the report is filed with NASA. While most airmen have heard of NASA reports by now and know to file such a report when something out of the ordinary happens in the course of a flight, there continues to be some confusion over parts of the program. One of the common areas of confusion is when to file a NASA report.  Our straightforward advice:  If something happens, file a NASA report. Next question: When do you file it?

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