Pilot Protection Services Medical Mailbag - October Q&A

September 26, 2013


Jonathan Sackier
Jonathan Sackier

  • Surgeon, Clinical Professor 
  • 30 years of healthcare experience 
  • Author of the “Fly Well” column in AOPA PILOT 
  • Flying since 15 years old, owns a Columbia 400 

QUESTION: I'm a 44 year old pilot, athletic, no health problems, but I've noticed my vision deteriorate requiring spectacles over the past few years. Although I can pass the medical I am keen to know if there are any supplements proven to work for maintaining or improving vision?

ANSWER: In general, as long as one eats a well-balanced diet all the essential elements, vitamins, amino acids and so on are taken care of - one really has to either eat a quirky diet or have a gastrointestinal issue that impacts absorption to be at risk of any serious deficiency that can impact vision.

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Jonathan Sackier