You need it and you need it now

December 27, 2013


Jonathan Sackier
Jonathan Sackier

  • Surgeon, Clinical Professor 
  • 30 years of healthcare experience 
  • Author of the “Fly Well” column in AOPA PILOT 
  • Flying since 15 years old, owns a Columbia 400 

Do you recall that sensation from school days? Sitting in an exam room, opening the paper and seeing that question, the one you dreaded would come up. You had the chance to read about the topic but procrastinated, deferred, skipped around, and avoided—and paid for it dearly. Unfortunately I do. But what has that got to do with flying, and your health? Simple. The question you dread is quite possibly going to come up. Are you going to be ready for it or panicked and irritated because you did not prepare? What question am I referring to? A medical condition that brings the FAA machinery to bear down on you, threatening your ability to exercise the privileges of flight.

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Jonathan Sackier