"The Joy of Flight" guidelines

March 25, 2013

"The Joy of Flight" guidelines

"The Joy of Flight" features the adventures of general aviation that keep pilots longing to take to the air. After all, getting to a destination is more than half the fun. Successful submissions will combine the journey to and the stay at the destination, with an emphasis on fun. Depending upon your approach, use of the first person may be acceptable here — but avoid a monotonous travelogue ("We took off at 7:30 a.m. and made our first fuel stop three hours later at....").

Write concisely; attempt to make every word count. Try to include enough detail to convey your message without overloading or boring the reader, and keep in mind that too much detail can be worse than not enough. Elaborate on necessary details and omit irrelevant information.

While all submissions are handled with utmost care, AOPA Online cannot be responsible for unsolicited materials sent to us. Photos are welcome but not required. Do not send irreplaceable original photographs.


Submissions should be typewritten, double-spaced, and may be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed. Manuscripts may be submitted on computer diskette, but all such submissions should also include a printed copy. Submissions should be sent to AOPA Online, 421 Aviation Way, Frederick, Maryland 21701; fax 301/695-2347; e-mail [email protected] (put "Joy of Flight" in the subject line).

Be sure to include your name, address, telephone and/or fax numbers, and your AOPA member number with all submissions, but particularly with e-mailed and faxed manuscripts.

AOPA Online will not purchase previously published manuscripts.

Review process

After a manuscript has been read, a decision is made whether to purchase the article, send it back to the author for changes, or reject the piece. Keep in mind that the rejection of a manuscript is not a condemnation of your work. Few articles are rejected solely for poor content or quality of writing. Many more articles are rejected because they address a topic that we recently featured in "The Joy of Flight," because we already have an article on a similar subject in house and ready for publication, or because they simply don't fit AOPA Online's current editorial needs.

Payment policy

Payment is made for articles when they are accepted for publication, even if no publication date has been scheduled. Before payment is made, the author must sign and return AOPA Online's standard contract. This contract grants AOPA Online first and exclusive one-time worldwide publication rights to the manuscript, as well as a nonexclusive right to republish the article. This means that AOPA Online has the right to republish the article after it has been printed online and may republish the article in another AOPA publication. In all cases our exclusive rights revert to the author 90 days after our first publication of the manuscript.

Posted Monday, March 13, 2006