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Pilot Briefing: Budget Buy

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 03 10

Funky is the best term to describe an Aeronca Champ.

P&E: Technique

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 03 10

I asked mountain flying instructors in Colorado how we can improve our mountain flying skills.

Composite Helicopters to certify new models

Article | 2015, 03 04

New Zealand helicopter company Composite Helicopters is moving from kit to certified carbon fiber rotorcraft.

Bell upgrades 407, scores large sale

Article | 2015, 03 03

Bell Helicopter put a new engine in its 407, got a larger payload, and upgraded avionics. It attracted a new customer.

Garmin updates Pilot app for helos

Article | 2015, 03 03

Garmin International has updated its Garmin Pilot app for Apple devices with helicopter routes and obstacles along routes.

Bell makes 429 wheeled chopper delivery

Article | 2015, 03 02

Bell Helicopter has made the first delivery of the Bell 429WLG (wheeled landing gear) in North America.

Garmin to offer ADS-B units for helicopters

Article | 2015, 03 02

Garmin International will offer the GDL 84H and GDL 88H Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) datalink specifically designed for helicopters.

FAA issues emergency Enstrom AD

Article | 2015, 02 14

An FAA emergency airworthiness directive calls for inspections of certain Enstrom helicopter models after a main rotor separation killed two.

Drop in chopper shipments a concern, analyst says

Article | 2015, 02 11

Analyst Brian Foley says a drop in shipments for helicopters as shown in the General Aviation Manufacturers Association report represents a concern for the future.

Solar Impulse control center opens in Monaco

Article | 2015, 02 10

Solar Impulse II, the upgraded version of an all-electric airplane that toured the United States, is set to circle the globe starting in March.