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New light sport amphib to be announced at Oshkosh

Article | 2014, 07 10

A new amphibious light sport aircraft that promises to be a direct competitor to the Icon A5 will be announced at EAA AirVenture by

Unusual attitude training

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 06 05

You’re going to learn two things in this article, and both are upsetting.

Pleasant Surprises

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 06 05

“Aviation is an entirely different world,” a student told me one day. It’s true. We have our own language, love acronyms, and represent a club this is difficult to join.

How we'll fly in 2089

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 04 08

General aviation’s future depends on dealing with higher costs and on making do with less, says industry analyst Richard Aboulafia.

Sherpa Aircraft deal with Chinese investor fails

Article | 2014, 04 03

A deal announced in January 2013 for an infusion of cash from a Chinese investor to certify the Sherpa 650T utility tailwheel aircraft has failed.

Turboprop RV-10 on display at Sun 'n Fun

Article | 2014, 03 31

A Florida firm is testing a Czech turboprop engine on a Van's RV-10.

Policy change riles LSA industry

Article | 2014, 03 26

A draft FAA policy would prevent some light sport aircraft from carrying passengers, flying over densely populated areas, or flying at night. AOPA and the light sport aircraft industry oppose the changes.

Continental, ASI acquire rights to twin Cessna F406

Article | 2014, 03 26

Continental Motors and ASI Innovation of Reims, France, have acquired rights to build the Cessna F406 turboprop airplane.

Cessna offers CJ3+, CJ2+ upgrades

Article | 2014, 03 24

Cessna has upgraded the CJ2+ with Garmin avionics, also using the same avionics system in a new model, the CJ3+.

Stamp honors black aviator

Article | 2014, 03 13

The chief flight instructor of the Tuskegee Airmen, C. Alfred "Chief" Anderson, is honored with a stamp from the U.S. Postal Service.