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Proficiency: Lazy S

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 01 22

Pity the poor Lazy 8. It began as a fun, fluid, and telling maneuver that encouraged pilots to explore the changing feel of an airplane through a broad range of speed and bank angles. It also developed a pilot’s coordination, timing, and anticipation.

The whales of Baja

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 12 23

Dawn casts the barren Pacific coast of the Baja Peninsula in a soft light as we overfly the dusty airstrip at San Ignacio.

Proficiency: Hover like a hawk

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 12 23

Slow flight is an essential skill for pilots to understand and master, but practicing it can be a drag (literally and figuratively).

Textron to buy Beechcraft

Article | 2013, 12 20

Cessna Aircraft owner Textron will buy Beechcraft for $1.4 billion in a major consolidation of U.S. general aviation manufacturers, multiple news outlets reported Dec. 20.

Can airshows come back?

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 12 19

Airshows in the United States have endured many setbacks in their long history, but no single season has brought as much adversity as 2013.

Aviation Legends: Walter Extra

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 12 01

For 25 years, German aircraft designer and former aerobatic competitor Walter Extra has created a unique combination of unmatched style, performance, refinement, and reliability.

Frugal Flier: Self-made upgrade

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 11 21

The owners of a 36-year-old Beech Sierra came up with a digital solution to an increasingly widespread real-world problem.

Technology: Garmin action-cam

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 11 20

Garmin has jumped into the action-camera market with the VIRB, a compact, well-engineered unit that’s sure to log lots of flight time in general aviation aircraft.

Synergy Air RV-12s: Focus shifts to deliveries

Article | 2013, 11 11

Synergy Air is building another dozen RV-12s in the S-LSA category.

Airframe: Rethinking roll control

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 11 01

Ailerons have been well studied and thoroughly understood in the century since aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss invented them for roll control. But can they be improved?

Classic in the making

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 11 01

It happens at 125 miles per hour. That’s the speed at which the sound of the rushing wind drowns out the growl of the Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Sport Trainer’s 180-horsepower engine.

Preserving a lost art

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 11 01

I’m concentrating so intently during this formation checkride that my whole world is reduced to lining up two small and normally unrelated objects: the lead airplane’s aileron hinge and spinner.

Cirrus: First conforming Vision jet to fly in 2014

Article | 2013, 10 10

Cirrus Aircraft expects to fly its first conforming SF50 Vision jet in early 2014 and the company will be able to build up to 150 new aircraft a year when the program is in full production.

Frugal Flyer: My $1 million education

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 10 01

It’s hard to place a value on my nearly 7,000 hours spent aloft in general aviation aircraft, but $1 million is probably close.

Epic LT: Seeing is believing

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 10 01

The Epic LT’s sleek looks aren’t deceiving. The six-seat, 1,200-horsepower kitbuilt speedster is all about going fast and far.

Journey to the Land of Midnight Sun

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 10 01

Jagged peaks—some of them more than a mile high—line both sides of Alaska’s Stikine River as we follow the winding waterway up a deep glacial valley.

Pilots: Jack Schulte

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 10 01

Jack Schulte prefers to fly in summer—and he does so for six months a year. In June, July, and August, he flies a Cessna 182 in the Mountain West from his home at Alpine Airpark in Wyoming.

A GoPro competitor: Garmin VIRB

Article | 2013, 09 26

Garmin is jumping into action cameras with the VIRB, a compact, well-engineered unit sure to begin showing up in cockpits immediately.

Jeppesen: An elegantly designed VFR app

Article | 2013, 09 20

Jeppesen's Mobile FliteDeck VFR takes a refreshing and seemingly unique stance in the superheated app arms race.

Greenville Seaplane Fly-In turns 40

Slideshow | 2013, 09 18

At a time when airports are hemmed in by high fences, barbed wire, and security gates, seaplanes provide rare direct public access to airplanes.

Can airshows come back?

Article | 2013, 09 05

Airshows have endured many setbacks in their long U.S. history—but no single season has brought as much adversity as 2013.

Visual approach: Summer solstice

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 09 01

It’s a week before the summer solstice, and even though it’s 9 p.m., the sun at this far northern latitude is well above the mountains ringing Alaska’s stunning Glacier Bay.

EAA Founder Paul Poberezny dies

Article | 2013, 08 22

Paul Poberezny, the energetic, charismatic, and personable founder of the Experimental Aircraft Association, died Aug. 22 at the age of 91.

Pilot guidebook for Mexico, Central America available

Article | 2013, 08 05

The Pilot’s Guide to Mexico and Central America contains detailed instructions on arrival and departure procedures as well as current contact information for 229 large and small airports (143 in Mexico and 86 in Central America).

King Schools offers helicopter FIRC

Article | 2013, 08 01

King Schools is launching an online flight instructor refresher course (FIRC) tailored for helicopter instructors.