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iPad developers to meet at AirVenture

Article | 2013, 07 26

Leaders in the aviation iPad revolution will meet during EAA AirVenture to discuss the future of tablet computers in general aviation.

Garmin’s new non-TSO radio

Article | 2013, 07 25

Garmin’s new GTR 200 radio gives Experimental and light sport aircraft better, cheaper options than FAA-certified equipment.

Dogfight: The E6B computer

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 07 01

This month, we welcome esteemed aviation writer Barry Schiff into the ring. He and Senior Editor Dave Hirschman debate the merits of one of aviation's finest inventions--the E6B computer.

East/West Fly Off

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 07 01

The Beech T–34 and Nanchang CJ–6 were built at the same time for the same purpose--military flight training--yet the two airplanes are a study in contrasts.

Propulsion: Where Do We Go From Here?

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 07 01

While general aviation faces numerous challenges, arguably none is bigger than the future of our powerplants. Today, most of us fly behind, next to, or in front of engines designed 70 or more years ago.

Avionics: Who are you talking to?

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 07 01

There's a momentary doubt each time we check in on a new frequency: Did I hear it right? Did I dial it in correctly? Was I given the proper frequency? Garmin's new radios, the GNC 255A nav/com and the GTR 225 com, take away any uncertainty.

Technique: All the way to the chocks

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 07 01

The windsock indicated a direct and very strong crosswind as the clipped-wing J–3 Cub touched down on the runway. The pilot, Jimmy Gist, was doing a masterful job of putting the feather-light airplane down on its main wheels and tracking the centerline despite the stiff winter wind.

Avidyne/Aspen combo approved in Cirrus SR20, SR22

Article | 2013, 06 28

Avidyne’s DFC90 autopilot can now be paired with Aspen’s EFD1000 PFDs for older Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft, Avidyne officials said.

New Great Lakes aerobatic biplane unveiled

Article | 2013, 06 06

Waco Classic Aircraft Corp. officially unveiled the first conforming new production Great Lakes 2T-1A-2, an aerobatic biplane.

New Dynon ‘SkyView’ products

Article | 2013, 06 04

Dynon Avionics has begun shipping a new series of products related to its highly integrated SkyView glass panels.

Beaver Checkout

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 06 01

Turning final for a water landing on a placid lake, the de Havilland DHC–2 Beaver seems perfectly matched to its purpose.

Dogfight: Twin versus single

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 06 01

There's a new dog in our fight--welcome former "AOPA Pilot" Technical Editor Pete Bedell, a frequent contributor, airline first officer, and co-owner of a Beech Baron. Let's see how he handles his debate with Senior Editor Dave Hirschman.

East meets West in the Power90

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 06 01

The eventual pairing of a capitalist King Air C90 made in the American heartland with engines designed and built behind the Iron Curtain would have been hard to imagine at the time they both were originally designed.

The Unlikeliest Astronaut

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 06 01

Alone in the sleek, composite shell of an experimental spacecraft he helped build, suspended beneath the broad wings of the 'White Knight' carrier airplane, test pilot Mike Melvill is glad to finally get busy.

Technique: Mischief with a purpose

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 06 01

One of the best tools for transforming a tentative student to a tiger is a simple roll of toilet paper.

Technique: Nose up, unload, roll!

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 06 01

A roll is the first aerobatic maneuver an aerobatic student learns, and it should be a confidence booster as well as a clean break from the past.

Preserving a lost art: Formation flying goes mainstream

Article | 2013, 05 29

During a formation checkride, 'AOPA Pilot' Senior Editor Dave Hirschman's world is reduced to lining up two small and seemingly trivial objects: the lead airplane's aileron hinge and spinner.

Aaron Tippin buys ‘Little Toot’ biplane

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 05 01

Country music performer and general aviation pilot Aaron Tippin recently purchased a tiny biplane--Georgy Meyer's "Little Toot."

General Electric’s H80 Turboprop: Czechered past

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 05 01

A rugged turbine is made even better.

Pulling together

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 05 01

Indiana high school kids fly the airplane they built.

Technique: Learning to loop

Pilot Magazine | 2013, 05 01

At first glance, the loop looks like the simplest of all aerobatic maneuvers, but it’s really one of the more complex and involves much more than going fast and hauling back on the stick. The key to flying a loop properly is knowing where to look, and—hint!—it’s not just straight ahead.

'Planes' movie showing at AirVenture

Article | 2013, 04 30

Visitors to EAA AirVenture 2013 will get an early screening of Disney's animated movie "Planes" on Aug. 2 at the Fly-In Theater.

New ATC phraseology for RNAV approaches

Article | 2013, 04 30

Instrument pilots flying RNAV-equipped aircraft should expect to hear some slightly different phraseology from air traffic controllers beginning June 3.

Fly the new Just Aircraft SuperSTOL

Article | 2013, 04 12

The landing procedure in Just Aircraft's new SuperSTOL seems nothing short of suicidal. On final approach at 500 feet agl, chop engine power to idle and hold the control stick full aft.

Foreflight releases big update, new Stratus announced

Article | 2013, 04 09

Pilots can get subscription-free weather and traffic and make iPhones act as standby attitude indicators with the second-generation Stratus ADS-B receiver from Sporty’s Pilot Shop, the company announced. Stratus, which formerly offered subscription-free weather via ForeFlight, now offers additional capabilities in a new unit unveiled at the Sun ’n Fun International Fly-In & Expo at Lakeland, Fla.