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FAA administrator appears at Oshkosh

Advocacy | 2015, 07 23

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta delivered an hour-long address at EAA AirVenture on July 23 that said little about the subjects general aviation pilots care most about: third class medical reform, avgas, and streamlining certification rules for aircraft manufacturers.

SkiGull details revealed

Article | 2015, 07 22

In a departure from his long-held practice of keeping his airplane projects secret while still in development, Burt Rutan used a public forum at EAA AirVenture on July 22 to reveal details of the SkiGull, an ultra-efficient, long-range seaplane capable of landing on asphalt, grass, snow, or water.

Downsized Rutan designs

Article | 2015, 07 22

Remote control modelers will have a chance to fly some of Burt Rutan's most innovative aircraft.

ForeFlight to pair with Garmin avionics

Article | 2015, 07 16

In a move that brings together two former rivals, ForeFlight and Garmin announced a close collaboration that pairs ForeFlight’s market-leading iPad app with Garmin’s dominant panel-mount avionics.

One patient at a time

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 07 08

“It looks like a paradise from here,” Randy Rizor, an Atlanta physician, says wryly from the left seat of his Beech Bonanza A36. Rizor has been making medical volunteer flights here for 21 years. “But appearances can be deceiving.”

This changes everything

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 07 07

After finally getting a chance to fly the first fully conforming Icon A5 in June, I can say with confidence that this airplane is for real.

P&E: Proficiency

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 07 07

Teaching the enigmatic T–6

Pilot Briefing: AOPA 2015 You Can Fly Sweepstakes

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 07 06

Sweeps 152 goes round in circles

Icon's A5 is for real

Article | 2015, 06 18

After flying the first fully conforming Icon A5 on June 17 in California's Napa Valley and landing on both water and a hard-surface runway, AOPA Pilot Editor at Large Dave Hirschman says the amphibious LSA more than lives up to its high expectations.

Icon gets go-ahead to produce A5

Article | 2015, 06 17

Icon Aircraft has completed an FAA audit that gives the company the green light to start producing its long-awaited special light sport amphibious airplanes.

SubSonex Sport Jet JSX–2

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 06 10

Airshow pilot Bob Carlton has developed an innovative weeklong transition course for the SubSonex, and actually flying the single-seat jet is the culmination.

Cessna 185 Skywagon: Brawny, backcountry workhorse

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 05 13

Few single-engine piston airplanes can comfortably haul four adults in and out of rough, 1,200-foot airstrips.


Pilot Magazine | 2015, 05 13

Bill Harrelson’s weight-class world record flight over both the north and south poles almost ended before it began.

Nik Oekerman

Article | 2015, 04 13

Learning quickly and under pressure is nothing new to Nik Oekerman. The former Navy corpsman who served two combat tours in Iraq has faced more than his share of life-threatening situations. He welcomes the challenge of intensive flight training!

P&E: Avionics

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 04 06

It seems like the tail wagging the dog, but iPad apps that sell for $150 a year or less are beginning to drive avionics purchases that may total tens of thousands of dollars.

P&E: Technique

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 04 06

This takeoff made me nervous, even though the performance tables in the pilot’s operating handbook assured me there would be plenty of margin.

Wyoming transformations

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 03 11

Afton, Wyoming—Before their transformations can begin, the worn, hard-flown Cessna 152s selected for the AOPA “You Can Fly” program must get to this mountain valley.

P&E: Proficiency

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 03 10

Six general aviation pilots who live near sea level had strikingly different reactions to hypoxia when exposed to the rarefied air at the AirDocs high-altitude training chamber at Western Michigan University.

Ageless aviators

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 03 10

Even in Florida, where Ponce de Leon searched in vain for a fountain of youth, the Mavericks know there’s no such thing.

P&E: Frugal Flier

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 03 10

The adage that “A clean airplane is a safe airplane” has some truth in it.

Pilot Briefing: 2015 Sweepstakes

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 02 04

The canary yellow AOPA Reimagined 152 looked right at home on the ramp at the 2015 Light Sport Aviation Expo, but FAA rules needlessly set it apart.

My toughest student

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 02 04

My most challenging flight student was the one I wanted most to succeed: My mom, Wilma Melville.

The Meridian Club: Luxury, with a runway

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 01 12

A luxury hotel at one of the world’s most idyllic beaches sees its paved, 2,500-foot runway both as part of its heritage, and a key to its future.

Bahamas Fishing Adventure: Fresh catch

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 01 12

The indescribably blue ocean around the Bahamas is intriguing from any height, but when seen from the close proximity of a seaplane, it dazzles.

P&E Frugal Flier

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 01 09

I recently had the pleasure of changing the spark plugs in the Lycoming O-320 that powers my Experimental Van’s Aircraft RV–4, and, for a change, it really was a pleasure.