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P&E Ownership: Anatomy of a valve failure

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 05 14

New, digital borescopes allow aircraft mechanics to thoroughly inspect the inner workings of piston engines without removing cylinders, but who knows how to interpret the images they see?

P&E Frugal Flier: Hard-headed pilots

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 05 14

Military aviation helmets are perfectly suited for pointy-nosed jets, but they’ve always been less than ideal in general aviation.

Above the Everglades

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 05 13

The shimmering Everglades landscape is unlike any other.

Briefing: Record-setter

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 05 13

Airshow performer Spencer Suderman appears to have set a new world record with an 81-turn, three-minute-plus inverted flat spin in a Pitts S–2B that took him from 23,000 feet to less than 2,000 feet over the California desert.

Diesel Archer approved in Europe

Article | 2014, 04 09

Piper and Continental have teamed to produce a diesel-powered Archer designed for the international flight training market. The first Archer DX has been flying in Germany since February.

General aviation giants

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 04 08

General aviation has always attracted larger-than-life personalities.

OpenAirplane expands to individual aircraft owners

Article | 2014, 04 03

OpenAirplane has expanded its network of rental aircraft to individual owners who can make their airplanes available to a growing pool of pilots.

AeroShell's Able Flight scholarship honors Alan Henley

Article | 2014, 04 01

AeroShell has funded an ongoing flight training scholarship for Able Flight in honor of Alan Henley, the paralyzed former AeroShell Aerobatic Team leader.

Tecnam starts expansion in United States

Article | 2014, 04 01

Tecnam, an Italian firm well established in Europe, is making significant investments aimed at growth in the United States, including introducing the Astore light sport aircraft.

Experimental avionics in Flight Design C4

Article | 2014, 04 01

Flight Design and Garmin will pioneer the use of experimental avionics with its four-seat, composite C4 aircraft.