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AOPA fights back on medical reform

Advocacy | 2015, 07 28

AOPA is more determined than ever to get pilots the relief they need from the third class medical process, said AOPA President Mark Baker.

Urgent action needed to support medical reform; ALPA actively opposed

Advocacy | 2015, 07 24

Momentum for third class medical reform and protections for pilots facing FAA enforcement actions continues to grow but additional support is urgently needed. The Air Line Pilots Association International is actively opposing reform.

Medical reform could be added to highway bill

Advocacy | 2015, 07 22

An amendment to the Senate highway bill that includes third class medical reform language has been filed by Sens. Joe Manchin and John Boozman.

AOPA asks FAA to restore sim time

Advocacy | 2015, 07 17

AOPA is asking the FAA to expedite a final rule to increase the number of sim hours allowed in instrument training.

Santa Monica airport tenants face higher rents

Advocacy | 2015, 07 16

Businesses leasing property at Santa Monica Municipal Airport will face higher rates and shorter lease terms after the Santa Monica City Council approved changes to more than 70 lease agreements on July 14.

Hunt for avgas replacement on target

Advocacy | 2015, 07 16

The hunt for an unleaded replacement for avgas is continuing on target, members of the Piston Aviation Fuels Initiative Steering Group said following a three-day meeting to evaluate progress.

FAA agrees to work with AOPA on WACs

Advocacy | 2015, 07 09

The FAA has agreed to work with AOPA and consult with stakeholders regarding the future of world aeronautical charts (WACs).

FAA reauthorization bill delayed

Article | 2015, 07 01

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has delayed plans to release its proposed FAA reauthorization legislation.

AOPA opposes move to raise unicom fees

Advocacy | 2015, 06 24

AOPA is opposing a move by the FCC to raise fees for unicoms and other ground station radios for the second year in a row.

Medical reform moving forward

Advocacy | 2015, 06 24

Third class medical reform efforts continue to move forward, and AOPA will pursue every possible avenue to ensure that pilots get the relief they need, the association said June 23.

Neffenger confirmed as TSA chief

Advocacy | 2015, 06 22

Coast Guard Vice Commandant Peter Neffenger has been confirmed as the new head of the Transportation Security Administration.

Baker to key lawmaker: User fees a no-go

Advocacy | 2015, 06 18

AOPA President Mark Baker met with the head of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee this week to discuss FAA reauthorization and the critical issues affecting general aviation.

Proposed rule would restore sim time credits

Advocacy | 2015, 06 18

The FAA has issued an NPRM that would allow pilots to count more sim time toward earning an instrument rating.

NTSB's Hart expresses support for pilot medical education

Advocacy | 2015, 06 17

The head of the NTSB told AOPA President Mark Baker that he supports AOPA’s development of a new course to educate pilots on medical factors.

Any change to ATC system must protect GA, AOPA says

Article | 2015, 06 15

The chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure committee announced June 15 that he would seek to separate ATC functions from the FAA.

AOPA partners with FAA on Fly Safe campaign

Advocacy | 2015, 06 11

AOPA is working with the FAA to address loss of control accidents as part of the Fly Safe campaign launched at the AOPA Homecoming Fly-In.

House passes transportation appropriations bill

Advocacy | 2015, 06 10

A major transportation funding bill passes the House while an AOPA-opposed amendment to limit operations at Bob Hope Airport in California is defeated.

EPA says greenhouse gases from aviation pose a threat

Advocacy | 2015, 06 10

The Environmental Protection Agency has released a proposed endangerment finding saying that greenhouse gas emissions from commercial aircraft pose a threat to public health.

Law strengthens tower marking requirements

Advocacy | 2015, 06 01

Pilots in Nebraska will soon have additional protection under a new law that adds teeth to requirements for marking meteorological evaluation towers (METs).

Groups ask Congress to protect veterans' flight training

Advocacy | 2015, 05 19

Seven general aviation associations, including AOPA, have sent a joint letter asking Congress to stop legislation that would curtail funding for flight training for veterans.

Lockheed and CSC to provide DUATS

Article | 2015, 05 13

Lockheed Martin and CSC will provide direct user access terminal services (DUATS) II to pilots under new contracts announced by the FAA.

Bills to improve safety, save money advance in Texas

Advocacy | 2015, 05 07

Bills to mark and register meteorological evaluation towers, expand a tax exemption for aircraft maintenance, provide free state airport directories, and continue to provide a sale-for-resale tax exemption for leased aircraft, top AOPA's priorities in Texas.

AOPA at work on Iowa legislation

Advocacy | 2015, 05 06

AOPA is hard at work in Iowa where the association is trying to pass legislation to save flight schools money and protect airports from encroachment.

AOPA advances GA-friendly legislation in Missouri

Advocacy | 2015, 05 06

AOPA met with lawmakers to advocate for bills to specifically include aviation in Missouri’s recreational-use statute and create a fly-away exemption.

Baker reinforces reform message in House

Advocacy | 2015, 04 30

AOPA President Mark Baker reinforced his message that medical and certification reform are critical to the future of general aviation during a House roundtable.