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FAA must address key GA issues, AOPA tells Congress

Advocacy | 2014, 11 18

AOPA President Mark Baker highlighted issues affecting general aviation oversight, regulation, and certification during testimony before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Nov. 18.

Medical reform legislation adds co-sponsors

Advocacy | 2014, 11 14

Support continues to grow for the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act, with nine new co-sponsors signing on following midterm elections.

AOPA ready to work with FAA on ADS-B Out mandate

Advocacy | 2014, 11 12

AOPA is standing ready to work with the FAA and industry to break down the barriers to meeting the 2020 ADS-B Out mandate. At the top of the association’s list of concerns is lowering the cost to comply.

FAA says fuel taxes must fund aviation

Advocacy | 2014, 11 06

The FAA has clarified its rule regarding the use of state and local fuel tax revenues, saying that the money must be used for aviation purposes.

Key GA supporters hold on to seats in Congress

Advocacy | 2014, 11 05

Many key GA supporters will stay in Congress following the Nov. 4 midterm elections. But retirements and election losses will leave the General Aviation Caucuses in both the House and Senate with some rebuilding to do in 2015.

City-supported initiative passes in Santa Monica

Article | 2014, 11 05

Santa Monica's city-sponsored Measure LC passes, while AOPA's backed initiative to give control of the Santa Monica Municipal Airport's future to voters is rejected. But AOPA isn't giving up the fight to protect the airprot.

AOPA delivers strong message on mandate

Advocacy | 2014, 10 30

AOPA’s message that the cost to equip is too high and must drop substantially was heard loud and clear at a “call to action” summit on ADS-B.

AOPA tells FAA mandate unworkable without changes

Article | 2014, 10 28

The FAA must address the serious concerns of the general aviation industry before pushing ahead with a 2020 ADS-B mandate, AOPA told the FAA administrator.

Type clubs are latest to join AOPA push for medical reform

Advocacy | 2014, 10 23

The Type Club Coalition is the latest group to join AOPA in urging a quick review of proposed reforms to the third class medical.

Voters Decide campaign plans election push for Santa Monica

Advocacy | 2014, 10 16

The Voters Decide campaign is making a pre-election push for a ballot measure to put the future of SMO into the hands of voters.

AOPA works to end border crossing frustrations

Advocacy | 2014, 10 16

At an Oct. 2 meeting hosted by AOPA, U.S. CBP leaders met with their counterparts from Canada to discuss ways to ease GA border crossings.

CBP review promises better training and procedures

Advocacy | 2014, 10 08

A top-down review of CBP's enforcement practices shows the agency has heard GA concerns, but AOPA will remain vigilant to protect pilot rights.

Medical advisory board supports third class reform

Advocacy | 2014, 09 29

The AOPA Medical Advisory Board is the latest group to urge quick action on the proposed FAA rule that would allow thousands more pilots to fly without the need for a third class medical certificate.

Watchdog report highlights problems with NextGen mandate

Advocacy | 2014, 09 25

A new report from the Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General says delays, cost overruns, and technical problems continue to plague the FAA's implementation of ADS-B.

FAA to address barriers to NextGen mandate at industry summit

Advocacy | 2014, 09 18

The FAA announced Sept. 18 that it would host a “call to action summit” to address the barriers and potential challenges associated with equipping tens of thousands of aircraft for ADS-B, a move welcomed by AOPA.

AOPA seeks more flexibility in hangar use

Advocacy | 2014, 09 18

AOPA is asking the FAA to be more flexible when it comes to determining what constitutes acceptable use of airport hangars.

Industry to senators: Don't close GA airport

Advocacy | 2014, 09 18

An industry group led by AOPA is asking the Senate not to pursue legislation that would close Missouri’s St. Clair Regional Airport.

NTSB releases study on medication, drug use

Advocacy | 2014, 09 09

A new study on pilot drug use released by the National Transportation Safety Board on Sept. 9 is incomplete and its conclusions should be regarded with caution, AOPA said.

FAA selects four unleaded fuels for testing

Advocacy | 2014, 09 08

The FAA has selected four unleaded aviation fuels to undergo initial testing at the agency's William J. Hughes Technical Center. Two fuels developed by Swift Fuels and one fuel each developed by Shell and TOTAL will undergo laboratory and rig testing beginning this fall and concluding in fall 2015.

Briefing: Our candidates in Congress

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 09 05

The idea that Congress doesn’t accomplish much isn’t new.

Briefing: Savings in the states

Pilot Magazine | 2014, 09 05

Over the past two years, AOPA has been able to actively save members who own their own aircraft an average of $179.22 per year.

Hangar policy comment deadline extended

Article | 2014, 09 03

The FAA has granted a 30-day extension on the comment period for its hangar use policy and AOPA is encouraging members to submit their thoughts.

Senators urge quick action on medical reform

Advocacy | 2014, 09 03

Eleven senators are the latest to ask the Department of Transportation and the Office of Management and Budget to take quick action on third class medical reform.

Caucus members work to speed up medical reform

Advocacy | 2014, 08 28

Members of the House General Aviation Caucus are asking the Department of Transportation to expedite rulemaking for third-class medical reform.

Santa Monica advocates rally support for ballot initiative

Advocacy | 2014, 08 26

Advocates for Santa Monica Municipal Airport gathered Aug. 25 to rally support for Measure D, a ballot initiative that would require voter approval before the airport can be closed or redeveloped.