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City to appeal SMO ruling

Advocacy | 2014, 04 11

Santa Monica will appeal a court decision dismissing a lawsuit seeking to release the city from its obligation to keep SMO open and operating.

GAO report finds problems with medical certification

Advocacy | 2014, 04 10

A new report from the Government Accountability Office has revealed problems with the FAA medical certification process, including delays, technological issues, and lack of clarity.

Michigan group seeks support for medical exemption bill

Advocacy | 2014, 04 10

The Michigan Aeronautics Commission is asking the FAA and the state’s congressional delegation to support legislation that would let more pilots fly without medical certification.

Houston mayor experiences GA first hand

Article | 2014, 04 09

It started with a tweet and ended with Houston’s mayor enjoying the view from above in a general aviation aircraft.

Aviation tax exemption becomes law in Wisconsin

Advocacy | 2014, 04 03

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has signed an AOPA-backed aviation sales tax exemption into law that will save pilots and aircraft owners millions of dollars and keep business in the state.

FAA announces rulemaking on third class medical

Advocacy | 2014, 04 02

The FAA has announced plans to go through a rulemaking process that could result in thousands more pilots being allowed to fly without a third class medical.

FAA drafts new sleep apnea guidelines

Advocacy | 2014, 04 01

The FAA has drafted new guidelines for dealing with sleep apnea after AOPA and others objected to a sudden policy change announced last year.

Residents seek control of Santa Monica's future

Advocacy | 2014, 03 27

A group of Santa Monica residents is seeking an amendment to the city charter that would put key decisions about airport property to voters.

AOPA challenges city to let voters decide SMO future

Advocacy | 2014, 03 26

AOPA speaks up for preserving Santa Monica’s embattled airport and challenges city council members to let voters decide its future.

Analysis shows FAA underestimated ECi cylinder AD impact

Advocacy | 2014, 03 24

New analysis published by the FAA shows that the agency underestimated the impact of a proposed airworthiness directive that could affect thousands of ECi cylinders.