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Avilution: Avionics from scratch

Article | 2015, 04 23

An individual with relatively basic knowledge of computers can build a computer, and that’s exactly what Avilution has in mind for the instrument panel.

Getting comfortable: Practice makes a pilot

Article | 2015, 04 23

Four days of intensive flight training (five including sim time) had One Week Ready to Solo student Sherry Rosenkranz feeling more comfortable landing the RedHawk.

Electroair approved for most of the fleet

Article | 2015, 04 22

Electroair’s lineup of electronic ignition approvals for certified, fixed-wing aircraft engines is nearly complete, and the company is nearing certification for helicopters.

Redbird announces new partnerships

Article | 2015, 04 22

Redbird Flight Simulations announced new partnerships with Mooney, Sporty’s, and Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. at Sun ‘n Fun.

Ribbon cuts and celebrity CFIs

Article | 2015, 04 22

The One Week Ready to Solo students got a new set of instructors and learned some new tricks on their third day of flying.

Textron teams with schools

Article | 2015, 04 22

Textron Aviation launched the "Top Hawk" program at Sun 'n Fun, teaming with four university aviation programs to offer brand-new, specially branded Skyhawks for 2015.

Mooney M10 mockup on display

Article | 2015, 04 22

The Mooney M10J mockup at Sun ‘n Fun may not be airworthy, but it offers visitors a first look at what’s to come.

A steep departure from the ordinary

Article | 2015, 04 22

The Just Aircraft SuperSTOL Stretch XL has more power than the original model, and puts it to good use.

Stalls, thermals, and fun

Article | 2015, 04 21

Students in Redbird Flight Simulation's One Week Ready to Solo project hopped around South Florida, landing their Cessnas at airports large and small, and even a U.S. Air Force base—in the simulator, of course.

Big numbers

Article | 2015, 04 20

Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-In and Expo is shaping up to set records for attendance.