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Latitude tours into service

Article | 2015, 09 01

Cessna’s Citation Latitude has reached its first customers, and the company is putting the new midsize jet on a coast-to-coast tour.

Graphical drone briefing developed

Article | 2015, 08 27

Lockheed Martin has developed a graphical briefing tool that will help keep manned and unmanned aircraft safely separated.

Acro breakdown

Article | 2015, 08 27

Sometimes the best way to build something is to bust it into little pieces. An aerobatic competition sequence is one example.

Drone reports detailed

Article | 2015, 08 27

A detailed list of unmanned aircraft encounters reported by pilots reveals just over half of all such encounters were reported in five states.

Among friends

Article | 2015, 08 20

Pilots count on friends and family to make organized aerobatic competition possible, and each contest poses a logistical challenge that requires many volunteers.

AMA issues drone challenge

Article | 2015, 08 20

The Academy of Model Aeronautics is offering kits and education for student teams to compete in a search-and-rescue challenge with drones.

Racing ‘like Superman’

Article | 2015, 08 19

Measured in inches and ounces, camera-toting drones raced like hummingbirds around a track, taking their pilots along for the ride.

Bonhomme gains ground

Article | 2015, 08 17

Britain’s Paul Bonhomme made four solid flights to win the Red Bull Air Race World Championship race in Ascot, United Kingdom.

Just Aircraft explains accident

Article | 2015, 08 13

ust Aircraft issued a statement Aug. 8 attributing co-founder Troy Woodland’s Aug. 2 crash landing to engine failure caused by water in the fuel.

Drone encounters surge

Article | 2015, 08 13

Pilot reports of unmanned aircraft sightings, some flying as high as 10,000 feet, continue to rapidly increase in number.

Loose part downed Ford

Article | 2015, 08 11

Harrison Ford lost power and landed short of the runway on March 5 because of a failure within the vintage airplane’s carburetor, the NTSB found.

Humble pie

Article | 2015, 08 10

Turning the wrong way in the aerobatic box makes competition, in the sense of being competitive, difficult. A sense of humor and resilient ego come in handy.

Forrest Bird remembered

Article | 2015, 08 05

Dr. Forrest Bird, an AOPA member since 1946 whose invention of the first reliable, low-cost respirator saved millions of lives, died Aug. 2.

Pilots scour the sea for missing Florida teens

Article | 2015, 08 05

General aviation pilots have made many flights searching for two Florida teens who vanished after setting out on a fishing trip July 24.

Aircraft shipments slip

Article | 2015, 08 03

Aircraft and helicopter shipments slipped in the first half of 2015, and the Export-Import Bank impasse may spell more trouble for U.S. manufacturers.

A landmark delivery

Article | 2015, 07 30

July may well prove to be a seminal month in the development of unmanned aircraft.

Mental gymnastics

Article | 2015, 07 30

Mastering the mental discipline required to score well in aerobatic competition is arguably both the greatest challenge, and the greatest reward.

Flying with fire

Article | 2015, 07 30

As performers crisscrossed the Oshkosh, Wisconsin, night sky with sparks streaming from their wings, the crowd was treated to a tradition with surprisingly deep roots.

Tax fight renewed

Advocacy | 2015, 07 29

AOPA and other industry groups are sounding familiar refrains in opposition to the return of a proposed repeal of aviation tax exemptions.

The flying toothbrush

Article | 2015, 07 22

Canadian pilot Raphaël Langumier’s 4-year-old daughter took a shine to aerobatics. Now, Léa wanted to know, how does a toothbrush float in outer space?

Approach gone wrong

Article | 2015, 07 22

Controllers alerted a U.S. Air Force F-16 pilot to the presence of nearby traffic seconds before the fighter collided with a Cessna 150, killing two.

Lockheed buys Sikorsky

Article | 2015, 07 20

The oldest name in helicopters is changing hands: Lockheed Martin has struck a $9 billion deal to purchase Sikorsky Aircraft from United Technologies Corp.

Many hands lift historic aircraft

Article | 2015, 07 09

The Douglas C-47 Skytrain that led the D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944, drew a huge following, and donations that went beyond dollars.

Drone pilots sought

Article | 2015, 07 08

A Boston-area startup has secured an FAA exemption to operate unmanned aircraft, and is seeking qualified pilots with or without drone experience.

Tragedy over South Carolina

Article | 2015, 07 08

A father and son were killed when a U.S. Air Force F-16 and a Cessna 150 collided over South Carolina July 7.