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Latitude rolls out

Article | 2015, 01 30

Cessna Aircraft staff gathered around the first production Citation Latitude to celebrate another step toward certification of an aircraft important to the firm’s future.

NORAD talks TFRs

Article | 2015, 01 29

With Super Bowl XLIX around the corner, AOPA sat down with the commander in charge of national air defense.

Southern California schools embrace glider program

Article | 2015, 01 29

A California charter school has teamed up with a glider school to give students a potentially life-changing opportunity.

Nurturing GA

Advocacy | 2015, 01 28

Few states match Massachusetts when it comes to supporting airports, and the enthusiasm continues to be nurtured by AOPA and many others.

New England digs out

Article | 2015, 01 28

The blizzard of Jan. 26 and 27 impacted airports around New England, and prompted some creativity as cleanup began.

Sporty’s offers refurbished 172s

Article | 2015, 01 28

Sporty’s has struck a chord with flight schools and others looking for an affordable, like-new aircraft.

Zulu PFX update released

Article | 2015, 01 28

A firmware update now available for the Lightspeed Zulu PFX headset improves battery life and customization.

New Meridian: Piper updates pressurized turbine single

Article | 2015, 01 27

Piper’s latest edition of the Meridian pressurized turboprop features updated avionics and six seats in club configuration for $2.26 million.

FAA clarifies CFI checkride requirement

Advocacy | 2015, 01 23

AOPA worked with the flight training industry and FAA to quickly resolve a problem that suddenly put many rating applications on hold.

Building connections

Advocacy | 2015, 01 23

AOPA Central Southwest Regional Manager Yasmina Platt nurtured the goodwill of Arkansas lawmakers, helping arrange for them an inside look at air traffic technology.

Cuba by GA may take time

Article | 2015, 01 22

General aviation operators may have to wait a while longer before flying to Cuba (particularly under Part 91).

No cable mandate coming

Advocacy | 2015, 01 22

The FAA has determined that an existing special airworthiness information bulletin is sufficient, and will not echo Australia’s new limits on certain control cable aseemblies.

Air Shepherd targets poachers

Article | 2015, 01 21

Air Shepherd is a nonprofit organization created by the Lindbergh Foundation to support the same approach to fighting poachers that proved successful against insurgents and terrorists who plant roadside bombs.

Vision training

Article | 2015, 01 21

Seven years of scientific research has produced a mobile application that significantly improved the vision of pilots, among other test subjects.

New lease for LAX landmark

Article | 2015, 01 20

A restaurant with a view of Los Angeles International Airport built as a tribute to aviation heroes is poised to land a new lease.

Crash at Sebring show kills two

Article | 2015, 01 20

An amphibious ultralight crashed near the runway at Sebring Regional Airport in Florida during the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo Jan. 16, killing the two men aboard.

Learjet 85 program stalls

Article | 2015, 01 16

Bombardier Inc. shares tumbled following an announcement that the company would ‘pause’ the Learjet 85 program, lay off 1,000 workers, and write off $1.4 billion.

Power plant a hazard

Advocacy | 2015, 01 15

AOPA has added the voice of the world’s largest pilot group to the chorus of those opposed to a Connecticut power plant plan.

Price of refusal

Article | 2015, 01 15

An emergency medical services pilot fired after refusing to fly is seeking federal whistleblower protection.

Fuel starts to tumble

Article | 2015, 01 14

Analysts say the price of avgas may be cut by nearly half in the coming months; the decline has already begun.

Be prepared

Article | 2015, 01 08

As one family’s tragedy in the Kentucky woods on Jan. 2 captured worldwide attention, air safety experts renewed a call for pilots to be prepared.

Stratus adds synthetic vision

Article | 2015, 01 07

The portable Stratus 2 ADS-B receiver has added several new features in recent months, and synthetic vision is the latest.

New school, familiar faces

Article | 2014, 12 30

Mojave Airport in California has long been an epicenter of unusual attitudes and flight envelopes pushed. Now, it is more so.

Simulation from scratch

Article | 2014, 12 30

Flight instructor Xylon Saltzman wasn’t satisfied with what the general aviation simulation market had to offer, so he created his own.

Brains scanned on final

Article | 2014, 12 30

Experienced pilots make better decisions with less brain activity, according to a study published in November that could influence future flight training.