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Alaska camera network complete

Advocacy | 2015, 03 05

Alaskan aviators now have 221 cameras scattered across the state that can be accessed online, offering a real-time picture of fast-changing conditions during daylight hours.

Navy probes Florida crash site

Article | 2015, 03 04

A metal detector enthusiast recently unearthed fragments of a legendary World War II aircraft, and the U.S. Navy deployed a team to investigate in February.

Alton Bay draws crowd

Article | 2015, 03 04

An ice runway that has become a New England destination tradition continues: 2,600 feet of Alton Bay have been scraped clean by dedicated volunteers.

Solar Impulse nears departure

Article | 2015, 03 03

Crews prepared Solar Impulse 2, the gossamer aircraft powered by the sun and designed to inspire, for a hoped-for March 7 departure from Abu Dhabi.

Rotor crack prompts alert

Article | 2015, 02 27

The FAA on Feb. 23 issued a special airworthiness information bulletin recommending preflight inspection of Robinson R44 and R44 II main rotors.

Command performance

Article | 2015, 02 18

An online video service launched to give enthusiasts an aerobatic ride-along from multiple camera perspectives is expanding into a more interactive experience.

NavWorx offers new ADS-B option

Article | 2015, 02 12

NavWorx announced Feb. 11 an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) transceiver with an introductory price of $699, giving kit builders an affordable route to mandate compliance.

Aircraft market mixed

Article | 2015, 02 11

A surge in piston airplane sales was among the bright spots in 2014 industry data released Feb. 11.

Rotax continues contest

Article | 2015, 02 09

Rotax BRP is again offering a new 912 iS Sport to the first flight school that gets one to 2,000 hours time between overhauls.

Fresh Skyhawks for CAP

Article | 2015, 02 05

Search and rescue remains a core function of the Civil Air Patrol, although the 21 new Cessna 172s recently purchased have a different mission.