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Flight Design deliveries flow again

Article | Apr 01, 2016

Flight Design light sport aircraft deliveries have resumed, but from a new supplier in Taiwan following financial troubles of the German company that led to receivership in February.

Icon’s gambit

Article | Mar 31, 2016

Icon Aircraft will soon begin delivering the A5 amphibious light sport aircraft to customers willing to sign a purchase agreement that imposes many restrictions.

Piper trims M-class prices

Article | Mar 23, 2016

Piper Aircraft Inc. has cut prices on the lower end of the M-class turboprops, anticipating the arrival of the M600 to top it off.

Remos GXiS to hit US market

Article | Mar 17, 2016

Remos AG, the German maker of light sport aircraft, has announced a new model, new management, and a new distribution center for North America.

TBM 900 gets safety upgrades

Article | Mar 08, 2016

Daher, the French manufacturer that builds the TBM 900 single-engine turboprop, announced several new safety enhancements to the airplane at the recent Singapore Airshow.

Piper delays M600 to third quarter

Article | Mar 07, 2016

It was back to the drawing board for Piper engineers after the single-engine turboprop M600 failed to make speed goals that owners said they needed.

Sun Flyer prototype delivered

Article | Mar 04, 2016

Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. has taken delivery of its Sun Flyer, a proof-of-concept, two-seat, solar-electric-powered trainer.

Spritely spotter arrives from Down Under

Article | Mar 03, 2016

A Portland, Oregon, maker of utility aircraft will soon build a two-seat spy plane called Seeker, found in many places and made previously in Australia.

Cessna ends dealer network

Article | Mar 03, 2016

Cessna has ended its piston-engine dealership network in the lower 48 states. At least five former dealers have been offered a referral contract.

Pratt & Whitney offers Blackhawk XP rebate

Article | Mar 03, 2016

Pratt & Whitney is offering up to $65,000 until May 31, 2016 for those who purchase Blackhawk XP engine upgrades.