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Flight Design deliveries flow again

Article | Apr 01, 2016

Flight Design light sport aircraft deliveries have resumed, but from a new supplier in Taiwan following financial troubles of the German company that led to receivership in February.

NavWorx connects with Garmin

Article | Mar 31, 2016

NavWorx, maker of the ADS600-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast transceiver, has struck a deal with Garmin to allow the unit to connect to Garmin navigators.

Icon’s gambit

Article | Mar 31, 2016

Icon Aircraft will soon begin delivering the A5 amphibious light sport aircraft to customers willing to sign a purchase agreement that imposes many restrictions.

LifeStyle Aviation offers students ‘breath of choice’

Article | Mar 30, 2016

LifeStyle Aviation says it is offering a "breath of choice" for flight school centers by marrying modern marketing methods and advanced technology to build pilot-friendly training environments.

ASA’s new leader a familiar face

Article | Mar 29, 2016

Aviation Supplies & Academics’ new owner is a former bike shop salesman and longtime student pilot who began his aviation career in the company’s warehouse.

Two heavy haulers floating to market

Article | Mar 29, 2016

A British non-rigid airship is returning to the skies after it was rejected four years ago by the U.S. Army in hopes of attracting a civilian market while the Aeroscraft of Los Angles continues development.

FAA announces 2016 General Aviation Award winners

Article | Mar 25, 2016

The FAA will honor a flight instructor and an aviation technician from Virginia, and an FAA Safety Team representative from California with General Aviation awards.

Ex-Cessna dealers switch to new revenue streams

Article | Mar 25, 2016

A former Cessna dealer with a contract to refer customers to Cessna has become a Diamond dealer. Other dealers switched to drones for revenue.

A flying gig in Guyana

Article | Mar 24, 2016

Pilots wanted: Remote Area Medical brings vital health services to remote places in Guyana flying a single-engine Cessna U206 into a network of unimproved airstrips.

Spin doctor crushes record

Article | Mar 24, 2016

California airshow performer Spencer Suderman popped open the canopy of his Sunbird S-1x and shouted for joy on the ramp after performing 98 inverted flat spins in a modified baby biplane.