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Airframe and Powerplant: The New Powerplants

Pilot Magazine | May 01, 2008

Many consumers and aviation experts have heralded the arrival of piston engines burning Jet-A fuel as the future of small-aircraft powerplants. The Thielert Group of Germany now has more than 3,500 of its small Jet A-fueled piston airplane engines in the field.

Turbine Pilot: Citation Encore+: The Encore's Encore

Article | Apr 01, 2008

Cessna’s new Encore+ is the latest entry in the Citation 560 series of “middle-weight” business jets. Like its predecessors in the 560 series (the Citations V, V Ultra, and Encore) the Encore+ brings incremental improvements to this popular straight-wing design.

Turbine Pilot

Article | Jun 01, 2007

Plenty of customers bet on Cessna's entry into the light-jet race — and won. Cessna Aircraft came late to the very-light-jet (VLJ) party.

Overhauling Part 61

Article | Feb 01, 2007

Bruce Landsberg has served as executive director of the AOPA Air Safety Foundation since 1995. The musician and songwriter Frank Zappa once said, "The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced." The cynical Zappa obviously had no encounter with the FAA — or perhaps he did.


Pilot Magazine | Jan 01, 2007

Budget Buy Cessna 150: Reliable and affordable The Cessna 150 is more than a great trainer ("Budget Buy Cessna 150: Reliable and Affordable," November 2006 Pilot). It is a very affordable personal airplane.

Diamond Aircraft DA42 Twin Star

Pilot Magazine | Nov 01, 2006

Twenty-first-century good looks You might expect the first new light twin in more than two decades to look a little different — and the Diamond DA42 doesn't disappoint. In fact, the DA42's looks are such a departure from the norm for light twins that it's difficult to get close to one at the big airshows — the only thing that's more popular is Starbucks.


Pilot Magazine | Nov 01, 2006

Thomas B. Haines has served as editor in chief of AOPA Pilot for the past 12 years.

Facing Down Fuel Costs

Pilot Magazine | Sep 01, 2006

Now that aviation fuel costs more than $4 a gallon in many parts of the country, it has become a more significant expense in the overall operation of an airplane. Unfortunately, many of the habits we formed in operating airplanes when fuel was one-quarter or even one-half of what it costs today are not optimal given the current fuel prices.

AOPA Online Members Only -- Eclipse Marches Toward Certification, Provisionally

Article | Aug 10, 2006

Eclipse Marches Toward Certification, Provisionally Article Archive Acknowledging the progress Eclipse Aviation has achieved in more than 1,400 tests encompassing in excess of 1,800 flights and 2,700 hours aloft, the FAA chose Oshkosh this year to announce issuance of a provisional type certificate for the Eclipse 500 very light jet. The Albuquerque-based manufacturer anticipates initial (non-provisional) certification for day/night/VFR/IFR single-pilot operations, including flight into RVSM airspace, by the end of August.

40 Top Technologies

Article | Aug 01, 2006

Influencing every aspect in the sky The 1992 Robert J. Collier Trophy — the award honoring the greatest achievement for the advancement of aviation or aerospace for the year — went to the team that developed the Global Positioning System (GPS).