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Stricken P-51 lands with help from a legend: Bob Hoover

Article | Feb 29, 2012

Circling above Mobile, Ala., on Feb. 26 with the left main landing gear of the vintage P-51 stuck halfway down, pilot Chuck Gardner calmly worked the procedures. When that failed to produce the desired result, a little advice from fellow aviators - including 90-year-old aviation legend Bob Hoover - proved helpful.

IFR Fix: Real or imagined?

IFR Fix | Feb 24, 2012

How are things in the real world today? Give flight service a call. Tell the briefer we need weather for a trip from here to the real world and back. In the remarks section, please be sure to note when you file that this is a training flight with a focus on IFR flying under real-world conditions.

Air-conditioned Alto stands out at low speeds

Article | Jan 24, 2012

Docile is the word as the Alto 100 slows to a stall. And slows, and slows. At 35 KIAS with flaps up, there was still no sign of buffet, and aileron control remained crisp and responsive. The Alto finally began to buffet, a barely perceptible buffet, at 33 KIAS, seeming to just hang there in space.

IFR Fix: Not on speaking terms

IFR Fix | Jan 06, 2012

Flying IFR is a contact sport. Sooner or later you will need to contact ATC, with a strong bias toward sooner. When the plan isn't working, people can get into trouble.

PS Engineering introduces two audio panels

Article | Mar 23, 2011

PS Engineering has introduced two new audio panels that add functionality in specialized applications requested by a select group of customers. The company has also introduced its first integrated radio.

Trip Report, November 24, 2009: Bahamas RCOs

Article | Jan 12, 2009

Click image to expand During our post-AOPA Summit Fly Out to the Bahamas, I took advantage of the opportunity to test navaids and RCO’s in the Bahamas. Our route took us over Bimini, Andros (north end), Nassau/New Providence, the central Exumas, Eleuthera (south end), Cat Island and Long Island.

Never Again Online: An unfamiliar aircraft

Article | Nov 01, 2006

My good friend and I had each lost our airplanes the previous year in a hangar collapse resulting from the weight of a 24-inch wet snowfall in the Pittsburgh area. We were anxious to get back in the air, and we had been scouring the various trade publications looking for our replacement wings.

50th Anniversary of the 172

Article | Jun 01, 2006

Timeline 1920-1929 1927: The Cessna Aircraft Company was formed on September 7, 1927. 1928: Cessna produced the first full cantilever-wing light airplane to go into production in the United States.

AOPA Action in California

Article | Oct 01, 2005

L.A. airspace changes coming The FAA announced changes to the Los Angeles Class B airspace that will shrink the airspace to the northwest, south, and southeast but expand it to the east to better protect Los Angeles International Airport.

Never Again Online: Framing the problem

Article | Jul 01, 2005

My family had begun to enjoy the advantages of general aviation as we used our Cessna 182A for trips to visit relatives away from our home base in Indiana. On this particular weekend in July, we had planned a trip to Michigan to attend a wedding.

Never Again Online: A Tiger's tale

Article | Jun 01, 2005

After a year of training and a lifelong yearning for the skies, I finally became a pilot, earning my certificate on the second to last day of 2004. Having logged all of my training hours in a Cessna 172SP, I had been looking forward to the day that I could fly one of the more interesting airplanes on my FBO's flight line.

Never Again Online: Trapped on top

Article | Sep 01, 2004

I was due for my flight review, and my friend and neighbor Bruce (a pseudonym) was an instructor. This was one of those brilliant blue autumn days, the kind that make their way onto a meteorologist's top-ten list, and when I noticed Bruce dutifully raking leaves in his yard I suggested that there might be a much better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

1999 Max Karant Awards for Excellence in Aviation Coverage

Article | Oct 01, 1999

1999 Max Karant Awards for Excellence in Aviation Coverage: Winners and honorable mentions Each year, AOPA honors reporters whose entries in the Max Karant Journalism Awards competition best demonstrate fair, accurate and insightful coverage of General Aviation during the preceding year. Two winners covered the current or historical involvement of women in aviation.

CFIT Avoidance Strategies

Article | Oct 01, 1995

A disturbing trend is under way. Accident statistics show an increase in the number of crashes involving pilots who fly into the ground without any apparent awareness and with their airplanes fully functional.