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Topsy-turvy course hooks lifetime flyers, customers

Article | Jul 11, 2012

In the skies over northern Massachusetts, generations of pilots have taken their first taste of a world turned upside down, an introduction to flight inverted that leaves a lasting impression. Many have gone on to learn aerobatics, or get a taildragger endorsement: this kind of flying is pure fun. There's also a serious purpose behind unusual attitude training--just ask any small airplane pilot who has been caught in the wake vortex of an airliner. Learning to master spins, and spin recovery, is another step to building confidence as a pilot, and the skills needed to stay in control no matter what.

As 'old school' as it gets

Article | Jul 02, 2012

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome has for half a century fielded a vintage fleet of pioneer, World War I, and barnstorming aircraft in weekend shows that test the skills of a select group of pilots.

No business like (air)show business

Article | Jun 21, 2012

The Extra 330SC rocketed skyward in front of a crowd of thousands, music blaring. It plunged into a spiraling descent just as Bon Jovi's 'We weren't born to follow' started blaring through the speakers, as if by maestro's cue. The precision is a signature for performer Michael Goulian.

Do it like Doolittle

Article | May 31, 2012

Dancing a Jimmy Doolittle move with airshow legend Sean D. Tucker across the Virginia sky in an Extra 300 was so surreal, it made this aviatrix's heart flutter and head swoon. OK, maybe it was the negative-4-G outside loop.

Airshow rules: Safety first, show business second

Article | May 17, 2012

Low ceilings and a parade of passing showers doused the Great Tennessee Air Show, and many people stayed away May 13, likely assuming the show was off. Not so, though the team of aviation professionals had to work hard behind the scenes to make sure the show went on without compromising safety.

Veteran airshow, race pilot Howard Pardue killed in crash

Article | Apr 06, 2012

The airshow, warbird, and racing communities all mourned the loss of Howard Pardue, 77, who died April 4 when his vintage Grumman F8F Bearcat crashed just after takeoff from Stephens County Airport in Breckenridge, Texas.

2011's fatalities draw air racing, airshow scrutiny

Article | Jan 11, 2012

Leave margins. Never direct aerobatic energy toward the crowd. Always have an out. Innumerable safety precautions keep performers and spectators safe at air races and airshows, but in 2011 something went wrong. The NTSB took a broad look at how to minimize risk and improve safety at the events in a hearing Jan. 10.

AOPA Action in California

Article | Oct 01, 2002

AOPA Expo in California AOPA Expo 2002 takes place from October 24 through 26 in Palm Springs. Visitors can get a preview of the excitement on Wednesday, October 23, when more than 80 aircraft taxi through the streets of Palm Springs.

California Action

Article | Oct 01, 2001

AOPA says changing traffic pattern won't fix incompatible land use In a recent letter to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, AOPA expressed its strong opposition to a plan to move the traffic pattern at Sacramento Mather Airport to make way for incompatible land use near the field. The proposed pattern change would affect Runway 4L/22R and would extend the downwind and final legs of the pattern by about 2,500 feet in an attempt to distance aircraft operations from the likely site of an elementary school.


Article | Oct 01, 1998

Pay as you go The article "Pay as You Go, Euro-Style," by Thomas A. Horne (August Pilot), should be an eyeopener to every general aviation pilot in the United States.