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Improve your FlyQ

Article | Nov 09, 2012

With moving maps, approach plates, and many other unique and useful features, AOPA's just-released FlyQ EFB is a must-try for aviation tablet users.

FreeFlight announces new technologies, approvals

Article | Oct 11, 2012

FreeFlight Systems will integrate its XPLORER ADS-B weather receiver with GRT Avionics Horizon HXr, Horizon HX and Sport SX panel-mounted electronic flight information systems for experimental and light sport aircraft.

Hone your IFR skills

Article | Sep 19, 2012

Flying IFR is a dynamic undertaking - and not just because of the weather. Find out how to keep your knowledge and skills up to date.

Canada releases details in NTSB-FAA employee midair probe

Article | Aug 29, 2012

A controller in the process of radar identifying a Piper Cherokee received a collision alert alarm just before the aircraft collided with a Beechcraft Bonanza May 28, Canada's Transportation Safety Board said Aug. 22.

ForeFlight rolls out a bevy of new features

Article | Jul 31, 2012

ForeFlight has had a busy July. The iPad application maker expanded its licensing program for educational purposes, added storm tracks on the radar display, earned a rare certification that allows it to be listed as a weather source for Part 135 and 121 users, and improved and added a host of new features in its latest version 4.6.

NTSB warns of in-cockpit weather delays

Article | Jun 25, 2012

How old is the information on your in-cockpit weather display? The picture you see may represent conditions up to 15 or 20 minutes older than the age indication in the cockpit, the NTSB warned pilots recently, and failing to account for the delay could have deadly consequences.

Cirrus adds extra seat, texting to 2012 SR22

Article | Jan 10, 2012

The new Cirrus SR22 for 2012 has an additional seat for a total of five occupants, and an on-board satellite telephone system that allows voice and text messaging in flight and worldwide weather radar coverage.

IFR Fix: Not on speaking terms

IFR Fix | Jan 06, 2012

Flying IFR is a contact sport. Sooner or later you will need to contact ATC, with a strong bias toward sooner. When the plan isn't working, people can get into trouble.

Never Again Online: Brush with a storm

Article | Sep 01, 2006

My best friend and partner in a new Cessna Skylane and I were off on our first long cross-country excursion to test our newly minted instrument ratings. Our mission was to depart from Nashville, Tennessee, and explore the northern Bahamas.

AOPA Pilot - 40 Top Technologies: Trivia

Article | Jan 01, 2006

A good idea, but... Here's a roundup of several 1990s general aviation innovations that go to show that what looks good in theory does not always hold up in reality.

Hangar Talk

Article | Oct 01, 2005

Everyone knows that VFR and IFR have different sets of rules," says Bruce Landsberg, executive director of the AOPA Air Safety Foundation. "But while VFR is always VFR, IFR has elements of both, depending on the conditions." See "Safety Pilot Landmark Accidents: Radar Service Terminated," page 94.

Never Again Online: Hurricane fool

Article | Sep 01, 2005

As an aspiring professional pilot living in southern Florida I had committed myself to building actual instrument time. I flew in the system, had flown several approaches to minimums as pilot in command, and achieved my commercial ticket at a great flight school.

AOPA urges FAA to rethink planned airspace changes in Florida

Article | Dec 03, 2003

Mr. Richard Day Manager, Air Traffic Division, ASO-500 Federal Aviation Administration Southern Region Headquarters P.O.

Never Again Online: Off radar in the Mojave Triangle

Article | Oct 01, 2003

When my sister suggested that I meet her in Las Vegas for her fiftieth birthday last May, I decided to fly there; it had been a year since I had flown solo to a new destination. I chose Henderson Executive Airport, 11 miles south of The Strip and under the Las Vegas Class B airspace, as my destination airport.

FAA finds reasonable solution to Cape Cod summer air traffic jam

Article | May 01, 2003

DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION CAPE TRACON BUILDING 130 OTIS ANGB, MA 02542 ISSUED: May 1, 2003EFFECTIVE: June 1, 2003 CAPE TRACON LETTER TO AIRMEN 03-01 SUBJECT: Summer Flying in the Vicinity of Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard CANCELLATION: May 31, 2005 The intent of this Letter to Airmen is to advise aircraft operators of the seasonal considerations of flying around Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket from May through September. Historically the traffic volume and demand for services for Cape TRACON increases during the summer months.

Changes to Private Pilot Airplane Practical Test Standards, August 2002

Article | Aug 01, 2002

Changes to Private Pilot Airplane Practical Test Standards August 2002 The single biggest change is the reorganization of the Private Pilot PTS to incorporate single-engine land and sea and multiengine land and sea sections into one consolidated document with two sections (single and multiengine), thus reducing the Private Pilot PTS to about half the page count. Some tasks have been reorganized into other areas of operation but have not substantially changed in their requirements or standards.

Changes to Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards for Airplane, August 2002

Article | Aug 01, 2002

Changes to Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards for Airplane August 2002 The major change with this publication is the combination of the airplane single-engine sea and land information into one section, and the combination of the multiengine land and sea information into one section, where in the past, there were four separate sections. There are new examiner responsibilities and leeway when conducting a practical test, and specific special-emphasis areas that are spelled out now.


Article | Oct 01, 1997

What's the single biggest safety-of-flight threat facing turbine aircraft year after year? It isn't even a contest. Controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) accidents overshadow all other categories of mishaps.

Pilot Briefing

Article | Oct 01, 1996

Bob Jordan and Andy Scheidemantel are the winners of Sporty's Twin Katana Sweepstakes. Jordan is a student pilot and vice president of operations for Western Technical Services of Anaheim, California.