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Question of the Month

Article | May 12, 2014

Help With Choosing a Headset

License to Learn: What’s in a date?

Pilot Magazine | Apr 04, 2014

AOPA has been nothing less than a caped crusader protecting the liberty of everyone who flies.

Dogfight: Flight bags

Pilot Magazine | Dec 23, 2013

Senior Editors Dave Hirschman and Ian Twombly debate the merits of a flight bag—bells, whistles, and a zipper or two.

Lightspeed unveils $500 burger contest

Article | Nov 22, 2013

Aviation headsets manufacturer Lightspeed Aviation has launched a $500 Burger Getaway contest that plays off the pilot-favorite $100 hamburger.

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Avionics: David comfort

Pilot Magazine | Sep 01, 2013

It is not a stretch to say you can forget you are wearing it. That, said David Clark Co. Executive Vice President Richard M. Urella, is both the “highest compliment” received from testers, and the point.

New Lightspeed headset gets personal

Article | Jul 30, 2013

Lightspeed's new Zulu PFX (for Personalized Flying Experience) headset maps the acoustic landscape of pilots' ears to deliver customized active noise reduction that adapts to a user's ear, surroundings, and preferences.

Sound pioneer Amar Bose dies at age 83

Article | Jul 17, 2013

AOPA remembers the man who invented noise-canceling aviation headsets.

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Dogfight: Flight bags

Article | Apr 28, 2013

Dogfight: Flight bags Tough, simple, proven By Dave Hirschman The modern flight bag is an over-thought, over-stuffed, and over-priced parody of itself. Trying to use one is like entering a house of mirrors: a semi-comedic and confusing exercise in frustration in which the simple items we look for in flight—batteries, a pack of gum, a note pad—are sure to be hidden in some obscure pocket within a pocket.

New David Clark headset built for comfort

Article | Apr 16, 2013

David Clark Co. plans to start shipping the new DC Pro and DC Pro X headsets in June.