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Free cockpit weather on the iPad? Yes please

Article | Mar 29, 2012

Sporty's Pilot Shop and ForeFlight are making life with your iPad a little sweeter. The two companies worked with Appareo Systems to develop a small, wireless, portable Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) weather receiver and Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) GPS for the iPad.

It's all about the iPad at Sun 'n Fun

Article | Mar 28, 2012

What's happening at the avionics counters in the four large product hangars at Sun 'n Fun? Here's a quick survey, accomplished by walking through all four vendor hangars. You'll hear from some off-Broadway companies that don't often dominate the news.

Air Mobile Joe

Pilot Magazine | Jan 01, 2012

Ariana, born in Haiti, came to the door of the Cessna Skymaster nicknamed Ti Burik and paused; that first step is a big one for any 6-year-old. Joe Hurston, her adoptive father, lifted her from the airplane to the tarmac where she shyly stood. After meeting her 14-year-old brother, Peter, I stooped down and said, "I saw you on TV!" She looked at the ground.

The Maine Event

Pilot Magazine | Dec 01, 2011

The AOPA 2012 Sweepstakes "Tougher Than a Tornado" Husky can seem as out of place at a big airport as a monster truck on the streets of Manhattan. The Husky was designed and built in Wyoming for flying throughout the rugged and expansive West - so what happens if its eventual winner is an East Coast city slicker? Could an airplane optimized for rough, high-altitude airports be useful in other regions where elevations are low, distances are short, and paved airports are plentiful?

Avionics: First impressions

Pilot Magazine | Dec 01, 2011

Of all the new aviation capabilities being added to the iPad, synthetic vision is among the most useful and promising. Fellow pilots may doubt the value of synthetic vision, but such suspicion tends to disappear the first time they find themselves on an unfamiliar approach when the weather is down to minimums and rain is beating against the windshield. At such times, it's nice to "see" the airport, the landing runway, and the pathway to it -- and syn vis doubters become believers.

Avionics: Garmin’s tablet solution

Article | Nov 01, 2011

It doesn't surf the net, take pictures, or enable video chat. But Garmin's new aera 796 brings iPad-like features to a dedicated aviation GPS that include geo-referenced charts, a bright "pinch-zoom" screen that shows in both vertical or horizontal modes, and innovative 3D Vision that brings GPS-derived synthetic vision to a portable unit.

Touching the future

Pilot Magazine | May 01, 2011

In the rapidly changing avionics world, the lifespan for new products can sometimes be measured in weeks or months before they are supplanted by newer technology. So the fact that Garmin’s GNS 430/530 series has been at the forefront of general aviation instrument panels for more than a dozen years is a remarkable achievement.

Pilot Products: New Zulu for you

Pilot Magazine | May 01, 2011

Lightspeed Zulu Who: Lightspeed ZuluWhat: High quality ANR headsetWhere: www.lightspeedaviation.comWhy: It's one of the top headsets on the marketCost: $900 Pros: Excellent headset on all fronts Great customer service Trade-up program makes it within reach Cons: Good headsets like Zulu are pricey Fans of Lightspeed’s Zulu headset have another reason to spend money—there’s a new Zulu. The new model has an updated look with a more angular ear cup and redesigned ear seals.

Avionics: Garmin G2000

Pilot Magazine | May 01, 2011

Even with Garmin’s odd naming conventions, it seemed predictable that the company that brought us the G1000 (in 2004) and the G3000 (in 2009) was likely working on something in between. The famously secretive firm is now unveiling the G2000—a two-box PFD/MFD combination with a touch-screen flight management system (FMS) aimed at new, high-end piston aircraft.