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Article | Mar 01, 1996

Eating ranks very high on my list of favorite activities, somewhere just below flying and being with the love of my life for the past 36 years. Having had more lectures from NASA dietitians than I care to count, I am well aware of the need to maintain blood-sugar levels when doing stressful flying such as IFR approaches in low weather.

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Article | Feb 01, 1996

"Oh, what a strange bird is the pelican, his beak can hold more than his belly can." Literature doesn't do justice to the fine flying qualities of the pelican, the scruffy bird of nursery-rhyme fame. The actions of these birds as they filch and pilfer fishermen's bait on the white sand at Cocoa Beach on Florida's Space Coast belie their tremendous flying ability.

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Article | Jan 01, 1996

The summer of 1982 was full of marked contrasts as I trained for my first space flight. After an intense day of simulator training, I would drive to our local airport and pull the Starduster Too out of the hangar to log an hour of aerobatics.