Victor Airways

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P&E On Instruments

Pilot Magazine | Jan 09, 2015

What’s the most invaluable instrument in the cockpit?

New Garmin release enhances 'connected cockpit'

Article | Dec 03, 2014

Garmin, training its sights anew on “the connected cockpit,” announced the availability of the Flight Stream 110/210 Bluetooth wireless gateway.

Training Tip: Monitoring mountain obscuration

Article | Jul 28, 2014

Whether you will cross numerous ridgelines, or climb to altitudes close to your aircraft’s limits, mountain obscuration is a potential hazard for VFR operations.

Midair spurred modern ATC

Article | May 02, 2014

The site of a 1956 midair collision that led to modernization of air traffic control has been designated a national historic landmark.

Charlotte T-route changes will improve GA's airspace access

Advocacy | Mar 26, 2014

The FAA has issued a final rule modifying RNAV terminal routes (T-routes) in Charlotte, N.C., effective May 29.

FAA should drop flawed airway changes, seek input

Advocacy | Feb 27, 2014

AOPA will request that the FAA drop a proposal to eliminate some airway segments in connection with the scheduled decommissioning of the Peck, Mich., VOR.

Exercise would impact Michigan ops

Advocacy | Feb 12, 2014

The FAA is accepting comments on a proposed temporary military operations area in Michigan.

Wisconsin military exercise planned

Advocacy | Jan 29, 2014

The U.S. Air Force has requested a temporary military operations area, identical to those of years past, for an exercise planned in June in Wisconsin.

FAA urged to improve RNAV route development

Advocacy | Jan 02, 2014

Satellite navigation offers great efficiency for terminal airspace routings, but the FAA’s use of it has not always improved on existing Victor airway-based transitions.

DC routes reduce access, snub GA

Article | Sep 12, 2013

A final rule adopted by the FAA curbs GA access to the Washington, D.C., area, AOPA said.

FAA final rule modifies Northeast airways

Article | Sep 03, 2013

The FAA has issued a final rule to modify airways in the Northeast.

FAA proposes Northeast airway modifications

Article | Jul 09, 2013

The FAA has released a proposal that would offer modifications to several airways in the northeast upon the decommissioning of the Lake Henry VOR.

Washington, DC, T-route plan sets back NextGen goals

Article | Jun 18, 2013

NextGen was intended to improve access and efficiency in the nation’s busiest airspace. But two new RNAV terminal routes proposed west of Washington, D.C.’s, Class B airspace do just the opposite.

Air Force creates TMOA in Michigan, Wisconsin

Article | Jun 03, 2013

A temporary military operations area will be established June 17 through 28 in parts of northern Michigan and Wisconsin.

FAA finalizes airway changes in Mississippi

Article | May 22, 2013

Decommissioning of the vortac in Jackson, Miss., and the concurrent commissioning of a new vortac, requires airway changes but will not disrupt operations.

AOPA calls proposed DC T-routes missed opportunity

Article | May 08, 2013

The FAA's notice of proposed rulemaking to establish T-routes west of the Washington, D.C., Class B airspace fails to address the issue of access or efficiency for general aviation operators, according to AOPA.

Oregon airway shortened, T-routes awaited

Article | May 02, 2013

The FAA has issued its final rule eliminating a segment of Victor airway V595 in Oregon in connection with the planned decommissioning of the Portland VOR/DME effective June 27.

AOPA advocacy in the news

Article | Apr 28, 2013

AOPA advocacy in brief April 23 Tower closings and system risk What key safety issues are raised when a high-traffic-volume airport starts operating without its air traffic control tower? Traffic pattern congestion is one. Invalid chart information is another.

New T-routes to replace Oregon airway segment

Article | Apr 16, 2013

The FAA has published a final rule establishing two new low-altitude RNAV routes (T-routes) in Oregon to replace segments of a Victor airway that will be removed as a result of the planned decommissioning of the Portland, Ore., VOR/DME this year. The new T-routes, designated T–302 and T–304, will be activated on June 27 between existing fixes with new waypoints added as described in the rule.

TMOA could impact busy GA season in northern Michigan

Advocacy | Feb 27, 2013

The U.S. Air Force is requesting to establish a temporary military operations area in northern Michigan from Aug. 5 through 16.

FAA proposes airway modifications in Mississippi

Advocacy | Feb 19, 2013

The FAA has announced a proposal to modify two jet routes and seven Victor airways, and remove two other airways in the vicinity of Jackson, Miss., in connection with the scheduled decommissioning of the Jackson Vortac and the concurrent commissioning of the Magnolia Vortac.

FAA revises plan to shorten Oregon airway

Advocacy | Feb 07, 2013

The FAA has reopened the public comment period on the proposed modification of Victor airway V595 in Oregon after revising its original proposal.

Access to airways sought during military exercise

Advocacy | Jan 24, 2013

AOPA will urge the FAA and the Air Force to mitigate the impact on general aviation's use of three Victor airways when two temporary military operations areas (TMOAs) are activated in northern Michigan and Wisconsin in June.

AOPA supports proposed Oregon routes

Advocacy | Jan 24, 2013

The FAA has proposed creating two new T-routes (low-altitude RNAV routes) to replace Victor airway segments that will be eliminated with the planned decommissioning of the Portland, Ore., VOR/DME in 2013.

VOR’s decommissioning may shorten Oregon airway

Advocacy | Oct 23, 2012

The FAA has proposed to remove the northernmost portion of Victor airway V595 in Oregon in connection with the scheduled decommissioning of the Portland VOR, which serves as the end point for the route.