Victor Airways

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FAA proposes airway modifications in Mississippi

Advocacy | Feb 19, 2013

The FAA has announced a proposal to modify two jet routes and seven Victor airways, and remove two other airways in the vicinity of Jackson, Miss., in connection with the scheduled decommissioning of the Jackson Vortac and the concurrent commissioning of the Magnolia Vortac.

FAA revises plan to shorten Oregon airway

Advocacy | Feb 07, 2013

The FAA has reopened the public comment period on the proposed modification of Victor airway V595 in Oregon after revising its original proposal.

Access to airways sought during military exercise

Advocacy | Jan 24, 2013

AOPA will urge the FAA and the Air Force to mitigate the impact on general aviation's use of three Victor airways when two temporary military operations areas (TMOAs) are activated in northern Michigan and Wisconsin in June.

AOPA supports proposed Oregon routes

Advocacy | Jan 24, 2013

The FAA has proposed creating two new T-routes (low-altitude RNAV routes) to replace Victor airway segments that will be eliminated with the planned decommissioning of the Portland, Ore., VOR/DME in 2013.

VOR’s decommissioning may shorten Oregon airway

Advocacy | Oct 23, 2012

The FAA has proposed to remove the northernmost portion of Victor airway V595 in Oregon in connection with the scheduled decommissioning of the Portland VOR, which serves as the end point for the route.

Temporary MOA would block airway access

Advocacy | Oct 16, 2012

AOPA is urging members to review and submit comments by Nov. 2 on a request by the Air Force to establish a temporary military operations area (TMOA) in New Mexico that could impede the use of several victor airways and a T-route.

Alternatives urged to ND airway change

Advocacy | Sep 27, 2012

AOPA, responding to the FAA’s proposed modification of an airway in North Dakota to increase its separation from special-use airspace, has recommended that the agency consider alternative solutions consistent with its continuing modernization program. AOPA proposed the alternatives in formal comments on the FAA’s notice of proposed rulemaking to modify V-170 near Devils Lake, N.D.

Pilots reminded of temporary MOA in Iowa

Advocacy | Aug 22, 2012

Pilots who will be flying in western Iowa during the period of Sept. 4 to 21 should be sure to check the status of a temporary military operations area (TMOA) that could affect their flight planning, including the availability of several Victor airways.

Military exercises start Aug. 20 in Wisconsin

Advocacy | Aug 07, 2012

AOPA urges pilots who plan to fly in the area of central Wisconsin during the period from Aug. 20 to 31 to stay informed about the status of a temporary military operations area in which an annual training exercise will be staged.

FAA issues final rule modifying Kansas airways

Advocacy | Jul 25, 2012

Decommissioning the Johnson County VOR will lead to airway modifications near Olathe, Kan. in September.