Victor Airways

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FAA seeks changes to restricted area in Virginia

Advocacy | Jun 14, 2012

The FAA is proposing to modify a restricted area situated between the Richmond, Va., and Washington, D.C., metropolitan area airspace and expand its times of use.

Changes urged for Iowa military plan

Advocacy | May 17, 2012

AOPA has asked for several changes to a temporary military operations area that the Air Force proposes to establish in western Iowa this September.

GA impact seen from Colorado-Kansas MOA changes

Advocacy | May 10, 2012

The proposed modification of a military operations area (MOA) straddling portions of western Kansas and eastern Colorado should be further refined to reduce the impact on general aviation, AOPA said, urging members to submit comments on the plan by May 30.

Online airspace tool receives engineering award

Advocacy | Apr 23, 2012

Software used by Kansas transportation officials to analyze potential hazards to aviation from proposed structures has been recognized with an engineering excellence award. In a news release, the Kansas Department of Transportation noted the participation in the project of AOPA Airport Support Network volunteers and Eudora High School students, who helped beta test the program and suggested modifications.

FAA urged to preserve Alabama airways, procedures

Advocacy | Apr 17, 2012

Many Alabama airport procedures - and two Victor airways - may be lost if the FAA proceeds with a plan to decommission the VOR/DME in Decatur, Ala. AOPA is seeking a reprieve, pending design of alternatives.

FAA finalizes cross-border airways

Advocacy | Apr 17, 2012

New Victor airways will ease the passage of GA aircraft across the U.S.-Mexico border. AOPA supported the creation of the new airways, extending from California and Arizona to Mexicali, Mexico.

Northeast airway modifications set

Advocacy | Apr 11, 2012

The FAA has published a final rule that makes modifications to airways in the vicinity of Hartford, Conn., associated with the planned decommissioning of the Bradley Vortac. The changes take effect May 31.

Kansas airway changes serve GA

Advocacy | Mar 19, 2012

As the FAA moves forward with the transition to a satellite-based air traffic system, AOPA supports changes that preserve access and efficiency for general aviation, and encourages users to comment on the impact of individual proposals.

AOPA supports WAAS for NextGen navigation

Advocacy | Mar 08, 2012

The FAA has presented a broad outline of a future national airspace with half of the current VOR network decommissioned by 2020, and AOPA is urging the agency to make sure GA pilots--and current equipment--have a place there.

FAA seeks comments on Kansas airway modifications

Advocacy | Feb 23, 2012

AOPA is encouraging members to comment by April 6 on the impact of an FAA proposal to adjust the structure of three Victor airways that will be affected by the planned decommissioning of the Johnson County, Kan., VOR-DME.