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AOPA ePilot is the No. 1 aviation enewsletter, reaching more than 270,000 members each week. Every Friday morning, AOPA delivers the latest news, flying adventures, safety tips, and advocacy updates that affect your flying right to your inbox. 

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flight training

AOPA ePilot Flight Training Edition

Geared toward student pilots and new pilots, the weekly AOPA ePilot Flight Training Edition enewsletter provides scenario-based training tips, flight training news and scholarship information, training resources, and career pilot news. It also includes fun features such as a Final Exam question-and-answer section and a Plane Spotter section to help new pilots learn what different aircraft look like and how they perform.

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Aviation eBrief

General aviation makes news every day, but there are so many positive stories produced at local levels that they are seldom picked up by the major news organizations. In order to bring you up-to-the-minute GA news—the positive and inspirational stories, as well as the difficult ones—AOPA is offering Aviation eBrief, powered by SmartBrief.

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flight school of business newsletter

Flight School Business

Flight School Business is dedicated to serving the needs of flight school owners and managers, and the businesses and services that support them. Each issue of the Flight School Business biweekly newsletter delivers news, marketing strategies, safety information, and more. It’s all geared to help you run your flight school more effectively.

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club connector newsletter

Club Connector

AOPA's research has revealed that flying club leaders are hungry to learn more about the practical experiences of other clubs. Stay connected through the monthly AOPA Flying Club Network’s Club Connector e-newsletter, which provides useful news, information, and ideas from flying clubs nationwide.

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cfi to cfi newsletter


Need creative tips on sharpening your maneuver demonstration or how to help your students succeed? Whether you’re an active CFI or getting back into instructing, the Air Safety Institute recommends its free quarterly CFI to CFI newsletter, which is optimized for PC and digital tablets. You’ll find thought-provoking articles and videos, tips from fellow CFIs, and safety quizzes and courses to share with your students.

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