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Aircraft maintenance: Injector maintenance leads to power loss

Aircraft Maintenance | Mar 24, 2016

After one hour of uneventful post-maintenance flying, the owner of a Mooney M20M who had just had the aircraft’s fuel injectors cleaned thought the aircraft was out of the “post-maintenance woods.” That wasn’t the case.

Answers for Pilots: Aircraft purchasing decisions

Article | Mar 11, 2016

If you are thinking about buying an aircraft, get a realistic picture of what the financing looks like and what maintenance costs to expect, then make sure those expenses fit in your budget.

Aircraft Maintenance: Engine overhaul leads to alternator failure

Aircraft Maintenance | Mar 09, 2016

Regardless of the reason for an engine overhaul, it’s a big job; making sure that the engine is properly overhauled and reinstalled in the aircraft is critical.

Flight Design in receivership

Article | Feb 24, 2016

Flight Design, the German company that established itself as a leader in the light sport market, has filed for receivership.

Question of the Month

Article | Feb 24, 2016

One of the first things a club in formation should do is get a sense of what your operating costs will be.

Aircraft Spotlight

Article | Feb 24, 2016

To people outside of the aviation world, any general aviation aircraft is a Piper Cub.

Answers for Pilots: Tax tips for aircraft owners

Article | Feb 23, 2016

Aircraft owners who used their aircraft for business purposes in 2015 may be eligible for income tax deductions. Learn more about deductions, bonus depreciation, and like-kind exchanges of aircraft.

Drone deadline arrives

Article | Feb 17, 2016

Drone owners who fly for fun (not profit) have registered in big numbers: 342,000 of them just ahead of the Feb. 19 deadline.

Aircraft maintenance: Gyro repair leads to failed vacuum system

Aircraft Maintenance | Feb 08, 2016

Any time preventive or repair maintenance is performed on an aircraft, there's a risk of introducing a maintenance-induced failure. In this case study, A&P Jeff Simon explains how unnecessary work on an artificial horizon led to a vacuum system failure.

New certification standards for mechanics in the works

Advocacy | Feb 04, 2016

A group chaired by AOPA has been tasked with developing new certification standards, handbooks, and test development guidance for aircraft mechanics.