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LSA financing options abound for individuals

Article | Jan 25, 2012

For well-qualified individual buyers, financing a light sport aircraft purchase is no different from financing a certified aircraft, provided the light sport in question is one of the top-selling and established brands. But flight schools face financing challenges.

Renter no more

Pilot Magazine | Sep 01, 2011

You know those “Win Me” airplane raffles that groups around the country hold from time to time? The ones where they sell only 2,500 tickets to assure you a better chance of winning? I’ve bought a couple of those tickets. You know the airplane that EAA raffles off at AirVenture each year? The one with the announcer who hawks the tickets over a loudspeaker? I’ve bought more than a couple of those tickets.

Member Guide

Article | Jun 01, 2011

Sweepstakes bonus entries for AOPA Automatic Annual Renewal Increase your chances of winning a completely refurbished Cessna 182 in AOPA’s 2011 Crossover Classic Sweepstakes. AOPA members automatically receive one annual entry with membership, but did you know you can get five additional entries by participating in our Automatic Annual Renewal Program? And that’s not all—if you’ve been enrolled in the program for two or more consecutive years, you’ll get 10 additional sweepstakes entries! As a participant, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free membership experience with the convenience of an automatic renewal every year, with uninterrupted benefits and service.

Turbine Pilot: Market scan

Article | Jun 01, 2011

As our directory of single-pilot turbine airplanes showcases, the choices for stepping up to light turbines are vast, from single-engine turboprops to monster twin turboprops (the King Air 350i tips the scales at more than 15,000 pounds) to light and medium-size twinjets. The choices are varied and broad, however the taxiway to light turbine certification is littered with failed or sputtering projects—Adam A700, Emivest, Spectrum, Visionaire, and many others.

Logbook entry

Article | Jun 01, 2011

The general aviation manufacturing industry has experienced a lot of turbulence in the last two and one-half years as a result of the global economic downturn and the media’s perception of business aviation. But, optimism is returning.

Member Guide

Article | Apr 01, 2011

ANSWERS FOR PILOTS: Webinar on buying an aircraft set for April 20 This is the time of year when many AOPA members consider purchasing an aircraft. If you are looking to buy and have questions about the purchase process, AOPA has answers for you.

Godsend or gadget?

Pilot Magazine | Jan 01, 2011

If an aviation company offered a moving-map GPS with a 10-inch display, a nation’s worth of charts and approach plates, flight planning, weather, a full aviation library, and the basic functions of a computer all for around $630, every pilot would own one. That’s just what the Apple iPad is offering.

Buying Sky Manor

Pilot Magazine | Jan 01, 2011

Pilot conversations at Sky Manor Airport (N40) in Pittstown, New Jersey, one afternoon didn’t focus on fun places to fly or good airport restaurants. Instead, the topic was the future of their home field.