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Five situations where your AME can make the call

Article | May 05, 2012

Did you know that there are five medical conditions that your AME doesn’t have to defer to the FAA prior to granting medical certification? That’s a fact that can make your path as an aviator easier to navigate if you develop one of these conditions.

FAA eases special issuance burden

Article | Mar 22, 2012

Starting July 20, pilots who have a medical certificate with a special issuance authorization will no longer need to carry the separate authorization letter with them in the aircraft.

Xarelto now an approved medication for flight

Article | Mar 12, 2012

Good news on the medication front: The FAA recently accepted Xarelto as an allowed anticoagulant for use in aviation.

FAA announces end of paper medical certificate applications

Advocacy | Jan 27, 2012

The good news is, medical certificate applications submitted online should be processed more efficiently, medical certification processing errors should be reduced, and taxpayers should get a break on federal spending. However, the transition away from paper applications for medical certificates presents AOPA with some concerns for pilots who don't currently use computers.

Fly Well

Pilot Magazine | Oct 01, 2011

This column usually addresses ways for you to help yourself. Today, while the same is true, contemporaneously it provides a way for you to benefit your fellow man.

Answers for Pilots: Are you special?

Article | Oct 01, 2011

For more than 25,000 pilots, obtaining a special issuance medical certificate is the difference between flying and being grounded. The FAA created the SI authorization to provide more flexibility in granting medical certificates to pilots with serious medical conditions. There are 15 medical conditions identified in Part 67 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (the medical standards for airmen) that are disqualifying "by medical history or clinical diagnosis." The FAA doesn't limit SI authorization to these 15 conditions, however, but can extend it to include any medical condition that could progress adversely - decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. AOPA medical certification specialists can help you get through the process.

Member Guide

Article | Oct 01, 2011

Get a sneak peek at the new AOPA holiday ornament Get into the holiday spirit early this year with the 2011 limited edition AOPA Holiday Ornament. The second in AOPA’s line of commemorative holiday ornaments features an aircraft that embodies the spirit of aviation: a beautiful 1940 Waco.

Answers for Pilots: Arthritis

Article | Jun 01, 2011

For many pilots, as they experience an increase in one kind of mobility (traveling and wide open schedules), they also deal with a decrease of another kind of mobility (flexible knees, hips, and shoulders). Arthritis affects nearly one in five adults, according to the Arthritis Foundation, and more than half of them have not yet reached age 65.

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Article | Apr 01, 2011

ANSWERS FOR PILOTS: Webinar on buying an aircraft set for April 20 This is the time of year when many AOPA members consider purchasing an aircraft. If you are looking to buy and have questions about the purchase process, AOPA has answers for you.

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Article | Feb 01, 2011

ANSWERS FOR PILOTS: Don’t let hypertension ground you Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a common condition for many Americans and, if not controlled, can result in your next airman medical application being deferred. FAA policy requires AMEs to defer applicants whose blood pressure exceeds 155/95.