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President's Position: Some things never change

Pilot Magazine | Mar 01, 2008

Phil Boyer serves as publisher of AOPA Pilot magazine. There are some constants in aviation, things that never really change no matter how much we advance.

President's Position: On the road again

Pilot Magazine | Feb 01, 2008

Phil Boyer created ABC’s “Wide World of Flying” in the late 1980s. Holding pilot town meetings (PTMs) around the country is one aspect of working for you that I missed throughout 2007.

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President's Position: Still $39

Pilot Magazine | Jan 01, 2008

This issue of AOPA Pilot marks a new year. With a presidential election topping 2008, it is predicted to be a year filled with challenges and opportunities.

President's Position

Pilot Magazine | Dec 01, 2007

Phil Boyer has served as president of AOPA since January 1991. As this is the last issue of AOPA Pilot of the year, I thought it timely to bring members a progress report on the FAA funding legislation, better described as the battle over "user fees." The last time pilots were so aware of congressional activity with regard to aviation was in the early 1990s concerning the "product liability" bill.

President's Position

Pilot Magazine | Nov 01, 2007

Phil Boyer has served as president of AOPA for more than 15 years. In the past 60 days the FAA has taken two somewhat bold steps in fulfilling the promise of a Next Generation Air Traffic System (NextGen).

President's Position

Pilot Magazine | Oct 01, 2007

When not flying for the affairs of AOPA, President Phil Boyer can be found with his Waco biplane or his wife's Cessna 172. I write this column as Congress returns after almost a month of vacation, and it is hard to predict whether or not the FAA funding legislation will be finalized by the end of September, when the current bill expires.

President's Position

Pilot Magazine | Sep 01, 2007

AOPA President Phil Boyer leads a team of dedicated individuals in advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill. Right now I feel like I'm in the eye of a hurricane.

President's Position

Pilot Magazine | Aug 01, 2007

AOPA President Phil Boyer leads a staff of talented individuals who work for general aviation on Capitol Hill. It was one of the best phone calls I've ever received.

President's Position

Pilot Magazine | Jul 01, 2007

AOPA President Phil Boyer's home airport is Frederick Municipal Airport in Maryland. How many of you are as frustrated by the flight service station (FSS) mess as I am? Long hold times, dropped calls, briefers unfamiliar with the flight plan area, lost flight plans — believe me, I've experienced them all myself, and hundreds of you have e-mailed me personally, detailing your problems with the system.

President's Position

Pilot Magazine | Jun 01, 2007

AOPA President Phil Boyer mentored his wife, Lois, throughout her flight training. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job — sitting in the left seat of AOPA for all these years — is hearing from members like you.